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Drug In Virtual Enterprise


The drug delivery system in large health care enterprises, such as hospitals, is the single intervention point with the highest potential for cost savings and quality improvement, eventually with a relevant impact on patient quality of life and safety. DRIVE will provide a safe and secure information infrastructure to support drug processes of an integrated clinical and logistic drug supply chain. It will enable the offer of trust services (through the use of strong authentication and identification techniques) with safety, security, protection, integrity.

Work description:
The workplan is organised into three phases:

- Real Cases & Modelling: to define current and future business scenarios and to specify a Reference Model for the Trust infrastructure, the Clinical and Logistic Information Infrastructure and the Performance Evaluation. In order to manage clinical and logistic information in the drug process, new methods and tools will be designed.

- Development:
Technical development of the system for operating and managing the "Drug Virtual Enterprise";
the DRIVE Trust Infrastructure;
the Clinical and Logistic Information Infrastructure, including configuration and management tools, the clinical and logistic hardware actuators (smart cart, smart cabinet, smart bed) and the Control Panel for performance evaluation.

- Pilot Demonstration & Exploitation / Dissemination:
Developed solutions will be piloted in a real business environment including a Hospital and a Drug manufacturer/Distributors.
Dissemination activities will be carried out through Special Interest Group Workshops.
Project Standard Reports on "Trust in clinical and logistic health care processes" will be prepared and proposed for a CEN TC251 Technical Reports.

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