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Customer Support and Design Centre for Physical Measurement Systems


Mastering and integration of microsystem technologies is becoming a key ability for the realisation of competitive new products. CCMeSys will support the industrialisation of Microsystem technology (MST) for physical measurement systems, including instrumentation systems for demanding environments. The service offers an easy access to commercial MST processes and in addition the necessary design and development support for a successful development of microsystem products. Permanent technical assistance from concept to product will be provided. Cost effective product development and shorter development times as well as improved device performance will be the result. CCMeSys will therefore accelerate the MST's take-up by industries and improves the competitiveness of the industrial customers on the market.

Microsystems are considered as key components for many systems and their importance for the realisation of competitive products is continuously growing. Existing fabrication processes have been made available for industrial users successfully within the EUROPRACTICE project. This allows a fast transfer from concept via prototyping to production. CCMeSys supports the industrialisation of Microsystem Technology for physical measurement systems, including instrumentation systems for demanding environments, by using these established processes for the realisation of new products. As approved design-houses, the members of CCMeSys are working in close co-operation with the foundries. This guarantees optimal design for the specific process, resulting in improved device performance and lowers the cost of the design phase. The application and device specific know-how of partners allows a permanent technical assistance of the customer from concept to the product. The project will enable the CCMeSys partners to establish a self-funded Support Centre.

Work description:
The main task of CCMeSys will be to bring microsystem technologies for physical measurement systems to industrial companies. The targeted customers are companies, which are not yet using microsystems in their products, as well as companies already involved in MST, but looking for a specific technological solution for a specific need. To get in contact with the first group of potential customers it is still necessary to inform about the possibilities, and economical and technical benefits of MST. For the second group of customers the activities will be concentrated on technical assistance for the development of new products. CCMeSys offers the performance of concept evaluation and feasibility studies as well as cost estimations of device production, delivery time and quality insurance to assist the customer in his/her decision about the economical potential of microsystems. CCMeSys provides permanent technical assistance from design to the manufacturing of the product. The partners within CCMeSys have already established close links to manufacturing facilities due to their design house services. In summary, at least one CCMeSys partner is working as design house for the major MST foundries in Europe. This "multi foundry" approach enables CCMeSys to assist customers in finding the most suitable technology for their products. A regular update of design rules and participation in training courses also for new processes will guarantee the quality of service. To improve the design capabilities an information exchange with other design houses will be performed. The service offered from CCMeSys is dedicated to the development of microsystems. Therefore the design service includes as well the electronic part and the packaging. CCMeSys will be clustered with other projects within the MST access actions in the framework of a network following a model similar to that of the current network of EUROPRACTICE activities.

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