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Content archived on 2024-05-18

Electronic publishing information focal point


Electronic publishing is ubiquitous in the Information Society. It is continuously changing as technology and its use develops. Digital technologies are creating convergence between previously separate branches of the information creation and dissemination industry - publishing, broadcasting, film, music, news, entertainment, science and the arts.

For the effective development of electronic publishing action lines in the 5th FP, awareness and dissemination need to be a two-way channel from projects to industry and vice-versa. The EPIFOCAL consortium will build on their success in developing the EL.PUB information service in the Information Engineering sector of the Telematics Application Programme (4th FP): to further develop the web news-and-resource site and the e-mail newsletter to cover the expanded scope in the new programme, to continue to disseminate information through open thematic meetings in conjunction with the projects, other support actions and industry actors. Up-to-date information on technology trends is a key factor in the success of projects and European publishing, and EPIFOCAL will provide that information service.

EPIFOCAL will provide awareness and dissemination for the Electronic Publishing action lines (III.2.1 and III.2.2) in Key Action III Multimedia content and tools, over the first 18 months of the 5th Framework Programme. Awareness and dissemination should be a combination of electronic publication, and direct contact through thematic workshops across the EU. The project has four aims:

To provide a focus for technical information on electronic publishing within the IST;
To provide a news service on technical developments in worldwide electronic publishing;
To provide a focus for project information and joint activities of projects concerned with electronic publishing in the IST programme;
To complement other initiatives concerned with electronic publishing such as EC websites, market information services, cluster / thematic actions, other support measures (eg. horizontal actions in IPR, usability, etc.).

Work description:
EPIFOCAL has three action workpackages plus project management. The main activity is information collection from projects and from external sources. The other two actions are electronic dissemination and workshops. The project will build on the successful web site, that the project team developed as a source of news and resources for electronic publishing in the IESERV project within the TAP programme.

The web site (12000+ visits per month) is updated with news and event information twice a week and is supported by the Weekly news alerter (600+ subscribers). The electronic services will be expanded by EPIFOCAL, to cover the increased number of projects expected and the greater scope of the action lines.

The VRefresh news letter will be added to the services. Other electronic dissemination services such as mail lists and discussion groups also support the web site. A series of thematic workshops in different member states will complement the publications and focus on bringing in local participation from outside the programme.

An expanded web site updated twice a week. Specialist weekly e-mail news alerters to build regular readership. Five thematic workshops in different European countries supporting the other information output.

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