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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Secured Infrastructure for Commercial and Residential Buildings' Local Area Networks-The Tool Kit Platform


The SIRLAN project aims to create a Tool Kit Platform for the installation of applications for home and building equipment (e.g. washing machine, computers, TVs, meters, surveillance cameras, alarms, switchboards), which would communicate within or outside of the building through any type of communication network. The platform will be based on a modular architecture capable of supporting all categories of home and building products from a simple push-button to a home computer with secured servers for remote configuration and security. The platform will be used to develop new products and services, (not included in this project), in several markets: home and building infrastructure, utilities applications and services, home appliances, personal goods, small business and home services. The toolkit will support the "Convergence" standard (EIBA, Batibus and EHSA) for home and building LANs.

The Sirlan objectives are:

- to develop a platform for any kind of home application linked to a communication system,
- to define a new ad-hoc architecture, with dedicated hardware and software solutions, easy to use installation procedures and a set of technical services,
- to develop the basic set of hardware building blocks and 4 levels of intelligent modules,
- to develop the software: modular RTOS (Real-Time Operating System), drivers, plug and play platform and gateway application,
- to develop a server toolkit, and a configuration and remote maintenance tool for installers.

Work description:
.Starting with the review of functional and technical requirements and the definition of the server kit and software platform architecture (data transfer architecture, secure communication infrastructure), SIRLAN will specify 3 hardware development platforms corresponding to three levels of complexity for communication products applications.

This will be made by using 3 different types of microcontrollers: a cost-effective 8 bit microcontroller (ST7), a 32 bit (ST20) widely used in the set top box market and the on-chip STPC allowing full compatibility with the PC environment.

Hardware prototypes of each of these platforms will be delivered together with the specification and implementation prototypes of Ethernet interface solutions and video application solutions. All subsystems will then be integrated and tested. The whole system including the whole communication infrastructure (connection of the home automation network to the WAN via secured servers) will then be integrated and pilot applications will be tested.

- report on user practices analysis and users specifications (month 6)
- server kit architecture specification (month 6)
- security and gateway communication software (month 12)
- prototype of SIRLAN gateway based on ST7 (month 12)
- services and data exchange software (month 18)
- prototype of SIRLAN gateway based on ST20 and STPC (month 20)
- technology implementation plan (month 24)
- report on validation (month 30)

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