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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Tools For Paperless Animation


The objective of PAPERLESS is to design and evaluate an advanced animation environment based on the combination of user-friendly software tools integrated with an innovative interaction device. This combination will directly support vector-based drawing by an artist onto an interactive slate, and eliminate the need to draw and scan hundreds of paper sketches.

By enabling an artist to "draw through time", dragging and changing characters and objects across frames, a radically new, streamlined way of working for cartoon artists and animation designers will result, and open the door to on-line and TV cartoon production for small-to-medium size animation and multimedia producers. PAPERLESS will thus enable the creation of a new edutainment market in which cartoons are integrated as self-active and inter-active elements in multi-media environments

Work description:
The project is planned over a period of 24 months and is organised in three main phases: Specification, Development and Integration, Validation.

The way of working is the following:
In the Specification phase, the European new media production industry will be thoroughly researched in order to identify the priority user needs from vectorised animation production tools. These results will be then be used in conjunction with the consortium's end-user partners to define their specific technical and functional requirements for the PAPERLESS tool.
The objective of the Development phase is to prototype a vector input tool to assist in a new way of working for cartoon artists, using a new input device which supports intuitive vector-based drawing. The following activities will be performed:
(a) vectorisation algorithms for both paperless input and scanner input will be devised, implemented and tested;
(b) tools for the user-friendly handling of image features, including image colouring, will be studied, implemented and tested, together with tools which assist the animator in the production of a smooth animation;
(c) in-betweening (interpolation of in-between frames) and automatic colouring tools for the paperless environment will be developed and tested;
(d) specific features for episode management and linking will be implemented and tested;
(e) a component for the annotation of cartoons and episodes to characterise them in terms of their plot, context of use and target user will be developed and tested.
Further activities include Integration of the development, followed by Validation by the end-users.
Other parts of the Workprogramme include dissemination, management and exploitation activities.

Month 1 Kick-off of the project activities
Month 8 User requirements and Functional Specifications produced; Start of development
month 17 End of development and integration
month 19 PAPERLESS Pilot running
month 23 PAPERLESS Pilot assessment
month 24 End of project.

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