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Manufacturing Cluster 4


The project is aimed at providing access to microsystems technologies. Accessibility for industries will be provided by the realization of a design house network, reducing development costs, time to market and by guaranteeing production. In addition, application specific standard microsystems and MPW services will be provided so that industries can profit from existing know-how base at reduced costs and risks with a reduced time to market.
The project can be divided in three activities:
Set-up of a desin house network for microsystem.
Development and promotion of MPW services.
Development of application specific standard microsystems.
The main milestones of the project are:
Establishment of at least 4 design houses for CSEM's medium sized volume prodution facility.
Two MPW services offered at least twice a year.
Three new ASSM's developed.
The program will lead to self-financing of the services provided by CSEM Microsystems and TMS within 4 years.

The main objective of this project is to provide services allowing industry to incorporate microsystems more easily into their products, by providing access to a design house network, applications specific standard microsystems and MPW services, industry can profit from an existing know-how base at reduced costs and risk and with a reduced time to market.

Work description:
The project is divided in 9 workpackages:
WPO,1 Detailed description of services and dissemination and awareness raising.
In these workpackages the offered services will be described and promoted via personal visits of potential microsystems users, publishing of commercial/technical articles as well as participation at exhibitions and conferences. Specific technical awareness material such as application notes will be generated.
WP2 Foundry service (MPW) development of ROE.
Based on the emerging technology for Refractive optical Elements (ROE) an MPW foundry service will be developed and offered.
WP3 Foundry service for MPW DOE.
Continuation of the MPW service for diffractive optical elements (DOE) on the basis of 4 MPW runs per year. The technical and application related documentation will be updated and extended.
WP4 Network of design houses.
In this workpackage a network of design houses for the manufacturers will be set up based on their complementary specific technical know-how and experience. This will be done by exchange of technical information and training as well as by carrying through the transfer process from the design houses to the manufacturer on the basis of selected pilot projects.
WP5 Application Specific Standard Microsystems.
In this workpackage the various available ASSM's will be extended with a chip set for inclinometry, for an interferometer based optical sensor and for radiation detectors.
WP6,7 Co-ordination/Clustering, Project management.
In these workpackages the project management will be carried out as well as the co-ordination between manufacturers, design houses and the MC's.
WP8 Exploitation and technology implementation plan.
In this workpackage the success of the MC activities will be monitored and reported.

Network of 10 design houses established for MC4, resulting in at least 20 projects.
MPW services for DOE's regularly running with at least 2 runs per year and for ROE's established and regular runs starting within the project.
New ASSM chip sets available and resulting in at least 4 customising projects.
The project should result in self financing for CSEM Microsystems as well as for TMS.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


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31-33 Rue De La Federation
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CSEM Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique Sa
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Colibrys S.A.
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