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Content archived on 2024-05-24

I-TV - Designing, Authoring and Producing Enhanced Televised Content on the Internet and on TV


I-TV will design, author and deliver visual content on the Internet (Internet-TV); content that so far has mostly been covered by print and audio. I-TV will furthermore turn a regular hourly TV show into an Enhanced TV show and a weekly TV show into an Inhabited TV show with crossmedia content features. These two objectives are to be accomplished in four interactive electronic publishing areas: cultural information, lifestyle publishing and entertainment, business and financial information, and news, science and current affairs. I-TV covers the whole value chain from designing and authoring highly visual content to delivering it to world-wide audiences on the web/digital TV and from creating value added services (e-communities and e-business) to optimining crossmedia content creation via audience research and data mining (classifiying and profiling audiences). I-TV will lead to four applications: an enhanced TV show, a business information portal, a knowledge and information portal and an entertainmentrportal.

I-TV will lead to three tools:
a crossmedia authoring tool,
a crossmedia community building tool and
a crossmedia audience research tool.

Tools and applications will be highly integrated with each other

Work description:
I-TV is to design, author and deliver crossmedia content in four interactive electronic publishing areas: information, lifestyle publishing (entertainment), business publishing and knowledge publishing.
I-TV is user driven employing an extended design-development-redesign cycle.
I-TV combines significant R&D with user validation and demonstration.
In the RTD and demonstration sections, the following technical and management workpackages exist: WP-1: Project Management, WP-2: Assessment and Evaluation, -3: User Requirements and Specifications/User Validation Planning, WP-4: Systems Specification, WP-5: System and Application Development I - stand alone, WP-6: Validation Phase I, WP 7: System and Application Development II - Integration, WP-8: Validatio hase II (incl. feedback into next development), WP-9: Demonstration, WP-10: Dissemination and Exploitation. The following tasks (T) are carried out in each technical wp: (Re) Defining or developing or demonstrating: T1 Knowledge I-TV content, T2 Enteraiment I-TV content, T3 Business I-TV content, T4 Enhanced / Inhabited TV-Show, T5 Crossmedia Authoring tool, T6 I-TV Communitiy Building tool, T7 I-TV Audience Research tool.

There are 3 milestones in I-TV: milestone 1 after month 8, milestone 2 after m18 and milestone 3 at the end of the project. I-TV leads to the following applications: Knowledge I-TV content + portal, Business I-TV content + portal, Entertainment I-TV content + portal, Enhanced /Inhabited TV-show. I-TV leads to the following tools: Crossmedia authoring tool, crossmedia community building tool, crossmedia audience research tool.

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