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Content archived on 2024-05-24

An Authentication and Protection Innovative Software System for DVDROM and Internet


The project will develop an innovative software protection system, which will protect the use of DVD-ROM executable and data files and secure access to software and data through the Internet. The first objective is the development of a DVD-ROM protection software that will prevent the DVD-ROM copying. The second is the development of a secure Internet connection using access control mechanisms. The third is the development of an authentication software that will protect the intellectual property rights of digital object creators. The results will be integrated into a protection package that will be applicable to the diverse DVD-ROM applications.

The project will start by defining the specifications of the innovative software protection system for DVD-ROM and INTERNET. Then, MLS will develop a DVD-ROM protection system based on a specially manufactured optical disc containing a protection signature. The key feature of the protection signature is that it cannot be copied by any commercial or industrial CDR Recording Equipment. Then, the ASPIS protection system will be enlarged to Internet distribution of multimedia programs. The system will be based on the extension of Conditional Access systems for Pay TV to trusted PC having access to added value Internet services. Authentication techniques will be developed to protect the intellectual property rights of digital objects creators. Last, the whole system will be evaluated and tested through an extended evaluation procedure. The DVD-ROM protection and the Internet protection will be integrated into a package that will protect DVD-ROM applications with Internet functionality.

The main outcome of the project is expected to be the restriction of illegal software and data copying and unauthorized use. This will be succeeded by the development of a system capable of protecting the DVD-ROM copying, preventing the unauthorised use of software through the Internet and determining the owner or creator of digital objects by using an authentication method.

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