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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Statistical Metadata Support for Data Warehouses


The implementation of data warehouse technologies in national statistical offices require a higher degree of metadata support, in particular when data warehouses will be accessible for the public sector. The commercial packages on the market are not sufficient in this respect. The project will develop a general and standardised metadata support facility based on standard interfaces to overcome these shortcomings.

Development of a standard metadata repository for data warehouses and standard interfaces to exchange metadata between data warehouses and the basic statistical production system. The aim is to make statistical data warehouse technologies more user-friendly for user access by the public sector. That will support the application of official statistics in the society and broaden the scope of users. The system will operate both in the traditional client/server environment and in the Internet world.

Work description:
Starting with important results of the 4th Framework Programme (in particular the IMIM and IDARESA projects) the project will develop and specify metadata standards necessary for statistical data warehouses. The project will investigate how to create an optimised flow of data and metadata in a statistics production system. Based on these research results a generalised metadata repository for a statistical data warehouse will be designed, developed and implemented. It is the intention to use modern object-oriented methods and tools in all phases of the project. A common interface will be developed to be able to connect the metadata repository both to the traditional statistics production system and the data warehouse environment. The results will be demonstrated as a prototype in a real statistical environment using commercial data warehouse software. An undertaking will be given to the Commission by the participating company from the private sector outlining how the results obtained will be maintained after the lifetime of the project. A plan on marketing strategy will also be presented concerning further development and eventual commercialisation.

- Design of metadata standards for statistical data warehouses
- System architecture for the integration of metadata flow in a statistics production system with data warehouse technology
- Software design
- Implementation of a software prototype
- Implementation of a demonstrator system

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