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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Leveraging Operational Resource Expertise


The project will deliver an Integrate Knowledge Management Technology and Human Resource Management System to exploit Human and Knowledge Capital Value. The system will integrate people competencies, processes projects, document information and financial data in a common Knowledge Portal in order to enhance the teamwork inside the enterprise. Further, it will facilitate the automated corporate knowledge sharing through a dynamic taxonomy and a linguistic analysis both of the documents and the people competencies. The LORE project has an integrated architecture at four levels: K-Base, K-Portal, K-Map supported by linguistic tools and information retrieval system.

The goals are to integrate the description and maintenance of internal Electronic Communication Network and Document Management Systems.
It will also build, maintain and access a single multiple taxonomy Knowledge Map allowing a homogeneous access to people, processes, projects and knowledge objects.
Strong Document and Data management underlying technology will allow easy exchange of information.
Finally, it will enable automatic feedback from information flow to People competence data base. The understanding of what people in the company know, the "human capital" may then be used at its best.

In order to achieve these goals the LORE project should analyse and design three main features which correspond to three architectural layers:
the Knowledge Base is the layer deputed to define, collect, share and re-use critical information;
the Knowledge Map showing the hierarchy of process, competencies, etc. proper of each application included in the Knowledge Base;
and the Knowledge Portal which allows the user to navigate among Knowledge Objects following the path of is choice and to extend the search services to any content included in the Knowledge Base.

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