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Content archived on 2024-05-18

Virtual Winery


The objectives of the project will be to develop a web-based "virtual winery" which will be used to promote and commercialise selected European wines. A pilot application will be built for a wine maker in Rioja. The system will provide a 3D paradigm to access the information, using technologies like VRML and MPEG-4, so that visitors can access a 3D representation of a winery, which will integrate information of all kinds. The application will be integrated with e-commerce system, which will allow the visitors directly acquire the bottles, using a conventional secure payment system. The project will analyse the legal framework in the EU countries, and the application will automatically handle orders in a way which depends on the country of origin and destination of the goods.

The work will have four phases: content acquisition: 2D and 3D content will be acquired from the final user (when available), or gathered from additional sources. Original material for the application, will also will be developed as required, using commercially available 2D and 3D authoring tools; development of a MPEG-4 engine/framework. This framework will be user-friendly, intuitive and a natural User Interface.

Integration with standard types of 2D information representation which will allow to create a single informational space from 3D and 2D elements provided for this project;
implementation of the legal framework: taking as a baseline the problems identified during the first phase, the complete procedures for on-line ordering and goods delivery;
and implementation of a pilot application: the e-commerce application will make use of a secure payment system and will be built in a way that allows an easy integration with the pre-existing computing infrastructure, and which provides support for the acceptance, handling, analysis, and delivery of orders.

The task will include the integration of the overall system.

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