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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Dissemination of InFormal and Formal Useful Specifications and Experiences to research, technology development & demonstration communities


The DIFFUSE project ( will provide IST participants with a single reference point for neutral information on currently available, and forthcoming, standards and specifications that are suitable for electronic interchange of multimedia and other forms of commercially relevant data over networks such as the Internet. In addition, the project will provide regular reports on the activities of those developing standards and specifications that are relevant to content and electronic commerce providers and users, and those responsible for ensuring that data can be distributed over networks. The DIFFUSE project will also provide a set of business guides and case studies that will help IST participants to evaluate the benefits that adopting existing or new standards could bring to their projects. The project will organize regular events to promote and disseminate the use of standards and specifications within RTD and European industry.

: The objective of the DIFFUSE project is to provide IST participants with a single entry point to neutral, up-to-date reference and guidance information on available and emerging standards and specifications in the domain of information processing.

Specifically, the DIFFUSE project aims to provide IST participants with:
- Concise references on standards and specifications
- Concise references on the implementation of standards and specifications by the RTD projects
- Concise references on the standards and specifications producing organisations
- News of the latest developments in these areas
- Business-oriented guidance to the application of standards and specifications in key technology areas.

Work description:
The DIFFUSE project will provide web-based concise and neutral reference information on the latest developments in the standards and specifications arena which could impact on the development, demonstration, exploitation and ultimately deployment of RTD prototypes. It will take as its base the work of existing DGXIII information service on Open Information Interchange ( set up under INFO2000. The project will provide fully hypertext linked and indexed lists of relevant standards and specifications, their implementation by RTD projects, and information about standards development fora, and will publish and circulate monthly reports on standards activity relevant to content providers and standardization related to interoperability within electronic commerce. In addition the project will develop and maintain a set of business guides to the application of standards and specifications, and report on how standards and specifications are being used or developed within European RTD projects. A direct support service will also be provided to users. As new initiatives are taken within Europe to promote the development of a new generation of standards and specifications for open information interchange the service will make RTD projects aware of these activities, by providing them with a single reference point for both finding out about standards that may be of relevance to them and of promoting any standards and specifications they develop as a part of their research.

Monthly updates of existing material and reports on standards activities relevant to Key Actions II and III will be combined with regular releases of new guides, case studies and reports on the use of standards within RTD so that participants have access to timely, relevant and accurate standards and specifications information. Annual workshops will be organised to disseminate theme-based standards and specifications information and to obtain user feedback on the service.

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