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Content archived on 2024-05-18

Information and Marketing Action supporting the Gifu partnership Event


IMAGE will provide leading European IT companies with a package of information, marketing and dissemination support to ensure the full success of their participation in the Gifu 2000 EU-Japan partnership event and to raise the overall profile of the European IT industry worldwide. IMAGE is presented by a consortium whose leadership and experience has recently been proven in a project providing similar services. Work will be performed in close liaison with the EC and the Japanese team. IMAGE will provide an attractive European website as a channel of communication for the event. This web site will feature multimedia showcases for participating companies and for European products. European participants will be provided with an electronic booking-feature to organize their business meetings in Gifu, a dedicated help desk to assist them in their search for potential Japanese business partners, and a coaching session to help them prepare their business meetings in Gifu.

The IMAGE project will provide all the necessary marketing and dissemination support for the European participants in the Gifu 2000 EU-Japan Partnership project. This event will attract 100 European and 200 Japanese IT companies to Japan and will give participants the opportunity to conduct high-level business meetings. This will be achieved through the development and constant maintenance of an attractive European web site and through support for European participants via a Help Desk and a coaching session to help them prepare for their business meetings in Gifu. The web site will act as a communication channel for the event and will feature multimedia showcases for participating companies and European products, and electronic business booking.

Work description:
There are four specific challenges to be addressed in the IMAGE project:
Web site development - Data collection, processing and integration - Establishment of a help desk - Coaching European participants on Japanese culture.
Web site development: The consortium will design, develop and maintain an attractive, high quality web site to provide the public and potential participants with information about the event, the companies taking part and the European products to be exhibited in parallel. The web site will include texts as well as multimedia assets. The data collected on participants will also be fed into a mirror site in Japan.
Data collection, processing and integration: Data will be collected on 100 European companies previously selected by the EC from the Esprit, ACTS, Telematics and IST research programmes. The data collected from European participants and the data provided by the Japanese team on 200 Japanese participants will then be processed before integration in two attractive and valuable showcases within the web site: one will feature participating companies, the other will feature European products to be exhibited during the event. Establishment of a help desk: The help desk will assist European participants in making the most profitable use of this important event. By establishing contact with each European participant, the help-desk will determine its needs and expectations of the event. The help-desk will then help identify the most appropriate business matches between Japanese and European companies. Coaching European participants on Japanese culture The consortium will organize an information session prior to the event to inform European participants about specific and relevant features of Japanese culture and business practices to help them prepare for their strategic business meetings in Gifu. For all tasks, the work will be performed in close cooperation with the EC services a monthly progress and quality reports will allow the project manager to inform the EC on progress achieved, to measure the success of the action, and to take any necessary corrective steps.

-Web site development: A Specifications document, a prototype and a final web site.
-Data collection and processing: A framework document and monthly assessment of progress. About 80% of this task could be completed by T0 + 6 months.
-Help desk: To run continuously from T0 + 4 months till the event start date.
-Coaching session: To be held approximately at T0 + 6 months with about 50 participants.

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