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A Microsystem Development, Prototyping and Manufacturing Service.


The partners of the project use their technology and system know-how to increase the ease-of-use, accessibility, market-relevance and overall quality of services in the microsystems field. This will lead to higher microsystems acceptance, reduced design cycle themes, increased productivity and lower cost. In particular the proposers will offer access to industrially proven microsystems technologies such as microstructured thin films and silicon surface micromachining. User support is a major issue of the proposal. Application and MST know-how will be maid available through consulting, software, libraries and co-operation. A market- and product-oriented approach to microsystems is being offered from design to volume production. The project will be accompanied by suitable marketing efforts.

The overall objective of the proposed work is to stimulate the use and the commercialisation of microsystems technology and microsystems technology based products. More specifically it aims at:
- Offering an market- and product-oriented approach to microsystems technology.
- Providing simplified access to microsystems design, prototyping and manufacturing facilities.
- Supporting the transfer of existing MST know-how to the user community.
- Addressing new markets with mature technology and products.

Work description:
The proposing partners have extensive long-term experience in microsystems technology and product development and include a large system-company (Robert Bosch GmbH) as the prime proposer, a specialist for thin-film technology products (HL-Planar) and in addition the Fraunhofer Instituted ISIT with a proven record of developing industrial MST applications and technologies are included. ISIT will offer specialised technology services, design services and aid in the software and library development for industrial offers. Hl-Planar is offering customised thin film technology for a variety of sensor products. Bosch is giving full access to surface micromachining prototyping and production capabilities. In addition HL-Planar and ISIT offer Access to MST packaging facilities The work will focus toward the optimisation and standardisation of systems manufacturing, comprising sensing, evaluation and packaging. Emphasis will be put on extended customer support and the efficient re-use of technology and know-how. Consultancy and Support, Microsystems manufacturing. Testing Packaging and Applications Know-How.

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