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Content archived on 2024-05-18

Interbalkan Information Technology Network


The advent of the Information Society presents a major challenge and opportunity for the Balkan region that needs to modernize its infrastructures and industrial fabric and make the transition to the new information-based economy. Organizations share the above common needs and face the political and social challenge of a closer cooperation. InterBalkan Forum, will establish a viable platform in order to offer support on IT to the local SMEs and the Public Sector community.

This will be achieved with:
a) Exchange information and experience between member states to identify common needs of strategic infrastructure IT projects in the Public and Private sector,
b) Establish long term collaboration and commitment between the IT Member state and Balkan Industries and
c) Promote best practice and strengthen the innovation process.
InterBalkan Forum will drive forward the process of economic reform and consequently the integration of the Balkan region with the EU

Inter Balkan Forum, is a business forum which networks of Information Technology organizations and private companies which will focus on the following strategic directions:
- Foster cooperation between companies from the Balkan region and assist them in adopting concepts and practices that will develop a closer relationship, common understanding, economical growth, and technological competitiveness.
- Assist the coordination of the Balkan Region National Policies for the Information Society and the modernization of infrastructures.L%- Facilitate the integration of the region as a whole into a knowledge-based world economy.

Work description:
First of all the mechanisms to ensure the successful completion of the project will be created. The InterBIT Organizing Committee will invite representatives of the IT Industry, Universities and the Public Sector, from all Balkan countries, to join as members. The consortium intends to subcontract parts of the work to InterBIT members according to their expertise and market position. Then the Interbalkan Policy Group will be formed by distinguished personalities, which will promote the Inter Balkan Forum strategy and policies and finally the InterBIT secretariat, which will monitor the management, the logistics and the general coordination. Inter Balkan Forum will firstly constitute a Memorandum of Understanding for implementing its strategic goals of Policy for the Balkan Region. Then studies will be conducted on the current IT status in Balkan countries, both in terms of markets and Industrial Supply and in terms of National Strategies for the Information Society. After that proper mechanisms for technology transfer and dissemination activities will be established (i.e. a web site supplemented with an on line business support desk and a database containing information on existing IT infrastructure and diffusion of best practice). Inter Balkan Forum will set up an information base that will facilitate joint undertaking of IT projects between companies. This will be assisted by the compilation of an inventory of industrial potential and "who-is-who" guides for Balkan Information Society.

Results of INTERBIT will include:
- organisation of the 2nd Interbalkan Forum which will include
a) Partnering events - Meetings between parties having mutual interest in specific projects or application areas. They will be scheduled by the 2nd InterBalkan Forum secretariat according to participants requests or by a matching procedure based on the communication list and company profiles
b) Short presentations concerning products, projects, social sectors (health, transport, agriculture, etc)
c) Research papers presentations on currently interested issues
d) Best practice Cases
e) Training sessions - Interbalkan Web Information base - Information and Dissemination Campaign

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