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Content archived on 2024-05-18

Maritime Intelligent Systems for Transport and Inter- related Chain


MISTIC is a thematic project aiming to facilitate the introduction of Information Society technologies to Intelligent Shipping systems. It supports the presentation of innovative systems resulted from EU research projects as best practices for improving business procedure. The project has been prepared to ensure a higher level of involvement of end-users in the area of applying advanced information technologies for the waterborne transport.

The stimulation of maritime players will be achieved through the following steps:
- Disseminating best practices based on EU RTD success stories;
- Collecting the end-users requirements and stimulating their awareness and helping to cope with changes in their working business process for the successful deployment of innovative IST;
- Determining gaps and shortcomings between end-users requirements and existing RTD projects and establishing the RTD needs;
- Creating political awareness of the technological impacts not only to the business of the industrial partners involved but also in maritime regions, Member States European Organisations and the public in general.

Work description:
MISTIC is organised in two sets of work activities. The first set aims at providing technical content and it will be carried out by the consortium. The second set of activities will be carried out by the MISTIC Consultation Group. This will be formed by end users and representatives from the projects. It will aim to review and identify best practices (by gathering information on EU and National RTD projects), deliver a comprehensive end-user requirements analysis for Maritime Intelligent Systems, identify bottlenecks and facilitate the deployment of innovative systems. The key objective of the Consultation Group is to provide a platform for gathering information for future RTD activities on Waterborne Intelligent Systems. These will be directed towards intelligent waterborne transport systems with the aim of identifying gaps or shortcomings and determining end-users requirements. In an other project leg, the MISTIC Days (a maximum of five conferences) will be events for the demonstration of 'best practice' and successful IST projects. On-site visits will be organised to develop close links with the local industry, ports and interested end-users and suppliers to create awareness at national level about the results of the IST projects. In addition the MISTIC web Site will function as an information dissemination platform for all the MISTIC activities.

The project milestones will be the Interim reports (after 12/24 months), its conferences and the reports to be delivered. The project results include a report on Best Practises in applying IST for Maritime Intelligent Systems, a report analysing end-users requirements and high quality publications on the progress of the IST projects for Intelligent Shipping.

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