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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Incorporation of COmponent BAsed software in Laboratory Information Systems


The project shall implement a Component Based Method in the software production process of SGS Cortex. This new technology allows producing software, which is less system dependent, more users friendly and faster to implement. The realisation of this project will be assured by a consortium consisting of SGS Cortex Quality Software NV (Principal Contractor) and Real Software Group NV (Member).

The implementation of a Component Based Method in the software production process of SGS Cortex, which is less system dependent, more user friendly and faster to implement in order to evolve eventually to the complete redesign of the Laboratory Information System, which is company's core business application. The acquisition of necessary component based development skills, based on a technological transfer, to develop a Serum Collection Management System to be integrated with the legacy Laboratory Information system, has to demonstrate a significant technical quality increase and a cross-platform deployment capability. The major business objectives of this project are the acceleration of the implementation process with a factor 2, the increase of the user friendly features of the system to limit the current problem requests and a higher quality standard at an equivalent economical value.

Work description:
The development of a Serum Collection Management module to enable the know-ledge upgrade of the technical SGS Cortex staff and eventually introduce a component based Laboratory Information System is the target of this project. Real Software, being a partner of SGS Cortex will realise a knowledge transfer of component based analysis and development essentials for a subset of SGS Cortex software engineers and will also participate in the development process. SGS Cortex, being the owner of the mentioned applications and add-ons, holds all the functional skills to accomplish a successful development track for the specific Serum Collection management module and has to establish all the needed specifications of the application. The interaction of these modules with the legacy laboratory information system belongs also to the scope of this project and will give a comprehensive insight of the success rate of the project. The baseline project however is the future replication of the acquired experiences to develop a component based laboratory information system and increase the overall productivity of SGS Cortex. Once this approach has led to a commercial product a significant market share increase can be envisaged.

The key success factors are defined in 5 basic criteria :
- performance: User response time below 1 second in 80% of all transactions;
- reliability meeting 99,8% uptime;
- quality criteria meeting a zero default application;
- functional coverage degree of over the 70%;
- optimised implementation effort featuring only 2 days of end-user training.

1. A Global definition of the Serum Collection Management system;
2. 4 SGS Cortex developers are fully trained in CBS;
3. The completion of a state-of-the-art prototype system meeting 5 basic criteria within the time and budget frame.

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