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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Development and applications of new built-in-test software COMPONENTs in European industries


Component-based software engineering is a new approach to programming and software development. The conventional technologies for in-house and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software components development are mainly based on object-oriented (OO) techniques. The Built-In Test (BIT) components for self-testable and test-reusable COTS and in-house components are a cutting edge technology developed by the proposers. BIT technology is considered to be a significant extension of OO technology to self-testable and test-reusable software in component-based software engineering. The COMPONENT+ project proposes the further development of BIT technology for component-based software engineering, and intends to widen application of the new technology in the European software industry. BIT components have been found extremely useful for OO software and COTS development. As a result, the COMPONENT+ project will establish European R&D and industry partners as the driving force for the development of new technologies component-based software engineering and will place Europe in the vanguard of global implementation.

The main aim of the project is to further develop the cutting edge built-in test (BIT) component technology in a collaborative consortium with key European research institutions and leading industrial laboratories. The project will transfer the BIT methodology into a well-established and practically applicable technology for CBSE. The key objectives of the project and its measurable outcomes are:
- A new technology for implementing BITs in COTS and in-house software components;
- An extension of OO technology from code reuse to test reuse;
- A new approach to OO software test in CBSE;
- A new approach to enabling run-time software test;
- A wide range of applications of COMPONENT+ technology.

Work description:
The COMPONENT+ project is organised via 7 coherent and clearly defined workpackages with one-to-one synchronised tasks and deliverables;
Work Package 1, Project Management and Reporting, encapsulates project management and reporting tasks for all R&D, awareness, and co-ordination activities at European and regional levels, in order to maintain communication with EC project management, and to ensure project outcomes on time and with professional quality;
Work Package 2, Establishment of a Novel Theoretical Framework for BIT Software Components, creates new principles and philosophy, that beyond OO, for designing BIT components in COTS and in-house software component development;
Work Package 3, Development of the COMPONENT+ Technology for Implementing BT Components, transfers the theories developed in Work Package 2 into practical technologies for BIT components implementation, reuse, and repository;
Work Package 4, Case Studies on BIT Component Utilization, explores a wide range of applications of BIT components in known and new areas of component-based software engineering, especially in real-time and safety critical system applications and maintenance.
Work Package 5, Pilot Projects on Applying and Reusing BIT Components, applies the COMPONENT+ technologies, especially BIT components and their reuse, into real-world software development projects in partners' regions;
Work Package 6, Assessment and Evaluation, provides a mechanism for regularly evaluation and assessment of the technical outcomes and usiness/social benefits of the project. In addition, project progress against the schedule and the quality of deliverables will be reviewed rigorously;
Work Package 7, Dissemination and Implementation, disseminates the project results via WWW, publication, presentation, seminars, and/or a European workshop.

Month 6: Completion of WP2 - Establishment of a novel theoretical framework for BIT software components;
Month 10: Completion of WP3 - Development of the COMPONENT+ technology for implementing BIT components;
Month 17: Completion of WP4 - Case studies on BIT component utilisation;
Month 21: Completion of WP5 - Pilot projects on applying and reusing BIT components;
Month 23: Completion of WP6 - Assessment and evaluation;
Month 24: Completion of WP7 - Dissemination and implementation; and of W1 - Project management.

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