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Content archived on 2024-05-18

Exploitation of Agent-based Production Planning using the ProPlant Technology


The mission of the ExPlanTech Trial is to enhance new technological and business opportunities in the global IT market by introducing and exploiting a novel project driven production planning technology in two industrial end user sites. The standard production planning will be substituted by a pro-active project driven production planning based on a multi-agent ProPlanT technology platform, e.g. agent-driven service negotiation and intelligent decision processes to achieve task requirements. The new technology enhances the competitiveness of SMEs by optimising their operational capabilities and by increasing flexibility to adapt themselves to the fast changing IT market.

The major targets are:
- To adapt and incorporate the customised ProPlanT prototype into end-user Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems;
- To evaluate and disseminate technology know-how resulting from the Trial.

The objective of the ExPlanTech Trial is to introduce and customise a novel multi-agent production planning technology (ProPlanT system) in two specific industrial cases. Our aim is to demonstrate a new quality of project-driven production planning based on multi-agent engineering and distributed processing as compared to the traditional solutions. The new multi-agent technology offers new opportunities to adapt the industrial manufacturing to the more demanding customer needs while optimising resources utilisation, intelligent decision processes and supplier chains. Moreover, our aim is to integrate the customized ProPlanT prototype into the existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems at the end users sites. Further objectives of the trial are the evaluation studies carried out in two end user sites to validate the new approach of production planning and demonstrate an enhanced performance in connection with end user ERP systems.

Work description:
The ProPlanT technology addresses the problem of project-driven production with the emphasis on the specific customer requirements and intelligent decision support in order to improve supplier/consumer relationships, working environment and customer confidence. The traditional production planning activity is substituted by an agent-driven service negotiation and decision process based on usage-centred knowledge about task requirements. The new technology increases new business and technological opportunities in the global IT market and extends the competitiveness of SMEs by optimising their operational capabilities.

The workplan will consist of the following phases:
The ProPlanT technology platform including communication interfaces will be adapted and customized towards two end user specification needs;
- The customised prototype of the multi-agent production planning system will be encapsulated and installed within the existing ERP systems in the two specific industrial end user sites and the functionality with respect to stability of the new system will be tested;
- The measurement and evaluation exercise on real industrial data at two end user sites will be carried out and analysed. Such an analysis will be a basis for the dissemination and exploitation activities, which will be an essential part of the project;
- The technology transfer know how resulting from the trial experience will be disseminated through the professional media (including WEB info source) and participation at the relevant conferences to open further potential for the agent-based engineering and address other sectors and services. The exploitation plan will be identified and initiated. The evaluation and exploitation process will be carried out on a longer-term basis and will continue after the trial end.

ProPlanT system will be a basis for the customisation work. After a production planning analysis at two end user sites the ProPlanT communication platform will be adapted with respect to stability and robustness (B+3 months, e.g. B-Trial beginning). Major expected results: integration of the ProPlanT platform within two end user ERP systems e.g.pilot use case (B+12 months), evaluation analysis (B+18 months), know how dissemination (WEB info, workshop), exploitation plan (B+18) months.

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