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Content archived on 2024-05-15

Multimodal TRAvel iNformation Service for trinational regional transport


TRANS-3 implements a regional travel information Web service offering multi- and intermodal route planning based on real-time data. The service will covers the road and public transport networks of the tri-national agglomeration of Basel (700'000 inhabitants in CH/D/F).

The project consortium is composed of road and public transport operators, transport authorities, and technology providers. It aims at evaluating the adequacy of multimodal real-time information for managing transport demand (increasingly necessary for relieving road congestion), and for promoting public transport and park & ride trips, especially in daily cross-border travel.

TRANS-3's objective is to create and trial a multimodal pre-trip travel information Web site for the tri-national agglomeration of Basel. The web site offers multimodal and intermodal route planning for regional trips, with real-time and expectational travel times.

The one-year trial period of the web site is aimed at obtaining evaluation results on cost, use and impact of the service. On this basis, the consortium aims at elaborating proposals for an economic and organisational model able to support operation of a multimodal travel information service after the end of the project.

The objective of implementing multimodal travel information responds to the orientations of regional and urban transport policy, which is confronted with increasing negative impacts of road traffic (congestion and environment), and aims at promoting inter-modality and public transport.

TRANS-3 is a take-up action, using technology for multimodal route computation developed in the CAPITALS PLUS project.

Work description:
TRANS-3 has implemented a multimodal travel information web site for the tri-national agglomeration of Basel (extending over France, Germany and Switzerland). The URL is: The web site offers multimodal and intermodal route planning, which builds on timetables for bus, tramway and railway modes, on expected travel times for the car mode (drawn from historical travel time profiles and traffic modelling), on average travel times for bicycle and pedestrian modes, and on real-time data for car park availability. It offers additional features such as real-time event data for motorways, real-time car park data, and traffic web cams.

The Web site is in trial operation since August 2001. The implementation has been preceded by a user needs assessment. At present the service is the object of an evaluation phase. The evaluation addresses system performance, quality of information, costs and lessons learnt in implementing multimodal travel information, benefit for travellers, and the adequacy of the service for the achievement of the authorities' and transport operators' objectives.

In parallel to evaluation, the consortium is elaborating proposals for an organisational and economic framework for sustainable operation of a multimodal travel information service in the agglomeration of Basel.

TRANS-3 uses a data model based on the ALERT Plus representation of the transport network. It uses ALERT C, DATEX and MI2 for the transmission of real-time road data. Most public transport timetables are acquired through the Hafas data format which has been found to be available for a majority of public transport operators.

Web site in operation since August 2001.

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