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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Application of Neural Networks in Telecommunications Testing


This trial aims at the development of a re-usable Neural Network component to be used in different types of test equipment for the 'Optical Internet', using the so-called Q-factor measurement as a pilot application.The Q-factor method is based on statistical analysis of the optical signal and allows a rapid estimate of the transmission quality of high-speed optical networks. Today, evaluation of the signal statistics requires an experienced service engineer. Neural Networks make this expert knowledge avilable to a broader group of service technicians and make the method integrateable into automated fault and performance management systems. By adopting new knowledge-based techniques, the project will bring improved usability and user-friendliness to a lage variety of electronic test and analysis tools and will thus increase the competive advantage of the European test equipment industry.

The project aims at the implementation of a re-usable, hardware-based Neural Network which will form a core component of future test applications for the 'Optical Internet'. Ease of use is an extremenly important sellling point for test solutions, since it helps a network operator to reduce cost through higher productivity of the ervice personnel and through lower training cost. A product design based on re-usable components enables rapid creation of new applications, earlier market entry of the productaand reduction of development cost Technical objectives: * A platform-independent Neural Network component including an API * Evaluation of the component in a real-life test application * Guidelines and training for future users of the component.

Work description:
The Project phases for the experiment include: * Requirements Analysis * Development of a Neural Network implementatin, that can be easily ported onto different product platforms * Development of a platform-independent API * Training of the application developers and a * Pilot project The pilot project will be the so-called Q-factor measurement, a promising new test application for high-speed optical networks. Other applications in our products include spectrum analysis, and optical tim domain reflectometers, but the concept will be aplicable also to a wide range of applications outside the communications industry.

M1 Sign-off of the Requirements SpecificationM2 Approval of Design Simulation M3 Approval of the Evoluation boardM4 Type Approval of the Q-Factor application M5 End of Project: Evaluation report

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