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High-resolution 3D X-ray laminography equipment assessment


The objective of the EXCEL SEA project is to evaluate and improve the 3D X-ray laminography inspection equipment of SkyScan for non-destructive three-dimensional analysis of hidden defects in plastic encapsulated packages, solder joints, solder balls of ball grid array packages and defects in multi-layer laminates. The final aim of this assessment project is to demonstrate to other potential users of the equipment that the high-resolution (< 5 µm) X-ray laminography equipment has been thoroughly evaluated and adapted to current and future market needs. At the same time the EXCEL consortium wants to promote the high-resolution 3D X-ray laminography inspection technique as the non-destructive technique that is complementary to the standard 2D X-ray and scanning acoustic microscopy techniques. The assessment of the SkyScan equipment is carried out in the production environment of Alcatel Microelectronics (B). Industrial evaluators of the system are Analog Devices (IRL) and Nokia Mobile Phones (FIN).

The objectives of the EXCEL SEA project are summarized in the following topics :
* Evaluation and improvement of the Skyscan 3D high-resolution X-ray laminography equipment.
* Demonstration of the suitability of the equipment for:
- IC package evaluation (IC level)
- Solder ball evaluation (Package house and IC manufacturer)
- PCB laminate evaluation (PCB producer)
- Solder joint evaluation (PCB assembly)
* Proposal of software and hardware improvements for the equipment in order to enhance its capabilities to address the market of semiconductor monitor and failure analysis tools.
* Promotion of 3D high-resolution X-ray laminography as the non-destructive technique to evaluate packages, laminates and solder defects that are not detectable with the standard 2D X-ray and acoustic microscopy techniques.
* Dissemination of the results of the assessment of the Skyscan X-ray laminography equipment to the related user community.

Work description:
The work in the EXCEL SEA project will be organized around the achievement of a number of milestones as follows:
* Task 1.1 : Definition of the target equipment specifications. This activity covers the definition of the final target specifications against which the SkyScan 1080 system will be assessed.
* Task 1.2: Preparation of the assessment site, installation of the equipment and training. After installation of the SkyScan equipment in the Quality and Reliability laboratory of Alcatel Microelectronics, a dedicated training will be provided to the involved engineers and technicians on the handling of the equipment.
* Task 1.3: Demonstration of the basic equipment capabilities. The first assessment of the installed equipment will be performed on a selected number of IC package types, against the site acceptance test specifications defined in the purchase order contract.
* Task 2.1 Specific equipment improvements. During the assessment of the equipment specific improvements will be done on the equipment in order to improve its performance and to achieve the final target specifications.
* Task 2.2: Alcatel Microelectronics assessment. Alcatel Microelectronics will focus on leadframe packages and large array packages, as well as our advanced new power packages. It will also assess the equipment usability and cost-effectiveness of the system.
* Task 2.3 : Analog Devices assessment. Analog Devices will focus on CSP packages and the evaluation of the solder joints of array and leadframe packages, as well as flip chip interconnections.
* Task 2.4: Nokia Mobile Phones assessment. Nokia will focus on flip chip interconnections and fine pitch high density PCB boards and application boards.
* Task 3.1: Publication of the project results. Compilation of the assessment results in a number of reports that are restricted to a group specified by the consortium, including the Commission.
* Task 3.2: Dissemination of the project results. Promotion of the SkyScan 1080 equipment and 3D X-ray laminography inspection technique to the semiconductor and electronics industry.
* Task 4.1: Project management. Overview of the management structure for ensuring the proper functioning of the EXCEL project in order to achieve the objectives and milestones of the project.
* Task 4.2: Assessment and evaluation. Monitoring of the development activities in order to realize the objectives of the EXCEL project.

After definition of quantitative target specifications (Month 1),
the SkyScan 1080 equipment will be installed at Alcatel Microelectronics (Month 2).
In a first phase the capabilities of the SkyScan 1080 equipment will be demonstrated (Month 3).
A number of improvements will then be done to the equipment in order to meet the target specifications. The improved equipment will then be thoroughly assessed by the industrial assessors Alcatel Microelectronics, Analog Devices (Month 7)
and Nokia Mobile Phones (Month 9).
Alcatel Microelectronics will also assess the equipment usability and cost-effectiveness (Month 12).
Dissemination plans of the equipment assessment results will be made available (Month 12).

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