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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Advanced Teleworking Techniques and Tele-services for Insurance Agents and Customers


The project will develop, quantify and verify two major evolution scenarios related to work and business. The first scenario concerns the adoption of an advanced tele-business environment for the main players in the insurance sector (insurance agents), through the introduction of teleworking techniques related to specific business processes and activities. The second scenario concerns the provision of cybermediation services, introducing value added business facilities for vendors while extending current work opportunities for insurance agents. The development process will exploit new technologies and emerging standards while a special study about the social and economic impact of the project's technological results will be performed. An extended study will be carried out to identify the socio-economic barriers for the adoption of new technology by tele-workers and customers of smaller enterprises.

Scientific and technological objectives are to:
.develop new and innovative techniques for dynamic work flow and process management for event driven customer transactions (i.e. the generation or maintenance of an insurance contract, the reporting of an accident, etc);
.develop models for customer profiling, incorporating Consumer Right Protection principals in accordance with EU data protection legislation and introduce self-regulatory schemes for citizen to business relationships;
.introduce technological innovation in remote Customer Relationship Management processes through the development of web Decision Support Systems for financial planning and service customisation;
.develop models for dynamic cross selling in complementary markets and efficient handling of multiple contracted vendors (by agents) for on and off line personalised cyber-mediation (including payment facilities, bundling and meta-shopping).

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