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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Guide by Telematics to Enable Tourist Freedom at Sites


GUIDEFREE seeks to bring customised site information to the independent tourist traveller, every time and at every location, focusing on visits of tourist sites. The user will access the information prior to or during a trip, at any geographical location, to receive immediate description of a site during a visit or decide on a total tourist visit-mobility schedule, i.e. how and when to visit a site and each station/exhibit, or not to visit at all. By supporting intelligent searching and integration of information from different sources, the project maximises individual freedom, increases the effectiveness of all types of tourist visits, promote rationalisation of tourist travel, and allows the reduction of negative effects from structured guidance or lack of information on tourist freedom.

The objectives of GUIDEFREE are to:
- integrate tourism, access, geographical, multimedia and other data for use by tourists prior to and during visits at sites,
- adjust and transform the integrated data to suitable format for flexible use by tourists,
- assist tourists in using the integrated data,
- develop customised data mining methods to aid searching by tourists at sites, and
- test and assess the new interactive methods on site, based on mobile and fixed access.

Work description:
The project will develop and test off-line or on-line:
- Integrated databases for use prior to and during site visits by tourists, to improve the effectiveness of tourist information and management systems as indicated by the richness of the project archive and other tourist measures of performance.
- Improved customised data mining methods to aid searching by tourists at sites.
- Integration of tourist information and management strategies, which, aided by personalised support methods that allow service interaction, could lead to more-extended, operational integration of tourist services.
- Interoperable components to be adapted to an evolving federation of interconnected services. Such components will be integral parts of services of specific scope in content and quality, and will lead to increased potential for commercialisation.
The project will assess its product at four sites, two in Greece, one in Italy, and one in Austria.

The project will develop data integration disciplines, data transformation schemes, methods for guiding users in the use of the integrated data, customised data mining methods, and mobile-access and fixed-access methods for integrating the new personalised, interactive services for advanced tourist information and management. Further, the project will develop the open architecture that includes the above methods and tools, design a prototype, and conduct testing and evaluation of the prototype with off-line and on-line field data. Preliminary results, including preliminary versions of the testing method and the prototype under development, will be available at the end of the first year of the project.

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