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Content archived on 2024-05-21

Advanced monitoring station trial for WAter MOnitoring and DATa acquisition in water supply and waste water treatment


The objective of the trial is to verify the range of applicability and flexibility of the monitoring station M4016W in the field of water supply systems and sewer systems and/or wastewater treatment plants.
(a) Trial will install 40 advanced monitoring stations under a wide range of conditions (remote locations, open air conditions, accumulators & solar cells for supply, autonomous local control functions).
(b) Monitoring stations will be integrated into fixed or GSM-based data communication network.
(c) Wide range of sensors will be tested.

The objective of the trial is to verify the range of applicability and flexibility of the monitoring station M4016W and, if necessary, to adapt some of its properties. The technology provider plans to use the trial's result as the major marketing tool in the expansion into larger EU markets. The trial participants' intention is to install 40 advanced monitoring stations under a wide range of conditions. Application field will cover both water supply systems and sewer systems and/or waste water treatment plants. Parameters to be measured and recorded will cover water level, flow discharge, hydrostatic and hydrodynamic pressure, operational status of pumps, blowers, and physical/chemical magnitudes such as oxygen and chlorine content, pH etc. A broad variety of sensors and measuring elements will be tested. Transmission channels will cover telephone network, GSM and direct radio links. Power supply will include solar cells.

Work description:
The requirements on the registration unit M4016W from users will be defined. The unit was developed for the water treatment applications. Selected places of implementation will require specific extensions of input signals or modifications of firmware. The selection of the suitable locations for the use of M4016W will follow. The locations will cover variety of climatic and operational conditions. This will lead to specification of M4016W upgrades, matching the requirements of the users for the whole range of all 40 proposed installations. Major part of resources is dedicated to the implementation costs and the workload related to installation of 20 registration units M4016W for each of user partners. Measurement adapters and modems will be installed together with the monitoring units. 70-80 percent of registration units will be connected via modems. Both users are using dispatcher network. The installed M4016W stations will be connected into these networks. Data collected via the network will be archived on dispatcher PCs of both users. Software for visualisation in graphical and table form will be created. Trial is complemented with a package covering the testing and debugging work. It will start after the installation of the first registration units and setting up of communication paths (modems). The objective is to debug and resolve all shortcomings or problems in registration units M4016W and data communication. These shortcomings could come in the first weeks. This package covers in addition the selection of best measurement sensors in respect to reliability, precision and cost. Final stage of the trial covers the upgrade of project documentation for all registration units M4016W for users, including used sensors, method of power supply and data paths. Presentation materials covering the monitoring networks will be created. Management workpackage will serve for project management, coordination of the whole trial and agenda related to EU.

M1: Numbers and types of observed variables and specification of methods for connection to the monitoring network.
M2: Locations selected for implementation.
M3: Documentation for the production phase of 40 units.
M4: Working network of M4016W stations.
M5: Inclusion of stations into the present monitoring systems and presentation of exploitation plan.
M6: Reliable monitoring system with warning to the dispatcher PC in the case of overflow of the pre-set limit values.
M7: Presentation materials.
M8: Reports to EU in time.

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