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Content archived on 2024-05-27

MARItime Decision Support


The MARIDES project is focusing on the improvement of:
1) the decision making of the chartering departments of the shipping companies;
2) the application and enforcement of the desired business strategy on the fleet of a shipping company by establishing a comprehensive, accurate and real-time on-board chartering process control. Current decision making in shipping and chartering procedures are rather simplistic and static, although the operations and the factors involved, including the ship itself, appear to have a dynamic nature. The aim is to optimise decisions in chartering, to quantify risk and opportunity, to handle non-deterministic factors pro-actively and thus to better support decision making in a complex and dynamic environment. MARIDES project is introducing an active knowledge based system and an underlying intranet, used to gather all the necessary information for efficient decision making support of chartering.

The MARIDES project aims to establish a comprehensive, accurate and real-time chartering process control system.
The aim is to optimise decisions in chartering, to quantify risk and opportunity, to handle non-deterministic factors pro-actively and thus to better support decision making in a complex and dynamic environment.

MARIDES project relies on supporting and enhancing the chartering processes in maritime transport through the following means:
- Identifying and defining the chartering process, in terms of recognising the value of all the parameters involved, both deterministic and stochastic, and the way they affect the operational research problem;
- Identify information flow paths and delivery of the appropriate content to the appropriate chartering actor Support continuous and transactional decision making;
- Improve the co-operation of the various parts of the chartering chain;
- Provide proactive versus reactive evaluation of data that affect chartering negotiations and contract profitability;
- Provide transactional processes that allow tracking and full exploitation of the dynamic changes of the vessels' status.
- The above features will be implemented in the MARIDES system through the development of the following components:
- the Decision Support System, which is responsible for data processing using specific algorithms and formulas;
- the Data Management, which translates real time incoming data in a meaningful and exploitable format and stores the information in the knowledge base of the system;
- the Shipboard Application necessary for transactional information exchange between the fleet and the shipping company;
- the Services and Data Flow Control System, capable to deliver WEB based chartering networking services to the actors of chartering business using MARIDES system;
- the Integration Platform on which the various layers of the system will be implemented.

Each of the functional models of MARIDES system will be developed, tested and technically verified separately, in terms of expected functionality and compatibility issues. The system integration will take place according to certain quality assurance and standardisation criteria defined through the project and will be validated by the users of the consortium in order to assure satisfaction of their needs and requirements.

Throughout the project, a variety of dissemination activities will take place with two major goals:
- To allow all the interested parts in maritime transport and chartering sector become aware of the MARIDES system and its functionalities;
- To investigate synergy with other maritime information systems and possible integration to a wider service provision platform. This possibility will be examined by considering (i) needs for advanced services provided to the actors of maritime domain and (ii) standardisation and compatibility criteria on information exchange and interface issues.

The project will last 24 months and will address issues like User needs, System Requirements and Specifications, Tool development for decision support and forecasting, Tool development for data management, Shipboard applications, Chartering networking service, Overall system integration and verification, Validation and assessment, Dissemination and Implementation.

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