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Analysis and future trends of microsystems within the European framework


The project is aimed at analysing the take-up of microsystems in Europe as initiated by the supportive actions of the European Community.

The result of the analysis will enable to measure the success of the various projects and will provide information of the European Industry in order to facilitate the access to microsystem technology and lower the entrance barriers.

The main objectives of the project are:

1. Definition of criteria for analysis of the effect of EU supportive actions for microsystems
2. Economical and technical analysis of the EU program EUROPRACTICE
3. Benchmarking of the results
4. Overview of microsystem technology services such as MPW
5. Definition and criteria for measure of success and analysis
6. Establishment and dissemination of success stories.

Work description:
The workplan consists of 6 workpackages. It is assumed that access will be given to review reports and other data of EPI, EPII and EPIII. In case confidentiality agreements have to be signed, TMP and CEA/LETI are willing to sign these.
Furthermore, it is assumed that the project coordinator (TMP) will participate at review meetings of the EPIII program in order to obtain the most recent information and report on results obtained.

The workpackages are defined as follows:
WP1: Analysis of EPI, EPII and EPIII based upon template, which defines the needed information from all participants. Emphasis will be on EPIII.
WP2: Benchmarking of results to market surveys to establish trends and success rate of the individual partners.
WP3: Inventory and benchmarking of MPW services as well as microsystems related technology services.
WP4: Definition of the measurement of success of the EUROPRACTICE projects and subsequent analysis of the participants
WP5: Dissemination of the results
WP6: Project management and coordination.

The main milestones of the proposal are the establishment of a measure of success for microsystem related projects as well as informative overview of the results achieved by supportive action of the European Union.

Based on the acquired information, it is expected that interest of industries for MST can be increased and entrance barriers lowered.

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