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Digital Economy: Policy Exchange and Development for SMEs


DEEDS will ensure an open Forum of European executive policy makers (policy Group) stimulating, discussing, exchanging, and monitoring public policies related to the major issues of the digital economy, focusing on the uptake of electronic business practices by SMEs. The Forum is the follow-up of the Policy Group set up within the G7 Pilot Project A Global Marketplace for SMEs (1996.1999), co-ordinated by the European Commission, which has contributed -via the exchange of information, experience and best practice- to significant progresses and convergence in the policy making related to Electronic Commerce and SMEs. The objective of DEEDS is to address the demand to keep alive the network of European executive policy makers and advisers (from governments, development and technological agencies and SMEs associations), and to extend it to other countries-networks in Central and Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, and Latin America. DEEDS is to provide scientific and technical assistance to the European Policy Group, to promote international co- operation on digital economy-SME policy issues with emerging areas, to maintain a close link and stable communication with IST-Key Action 2, providing input and feedback to the policy marking process of the European Commison.

General objective: to increase participation of SMEs in the digital economy within the EU, the new accession countries and other developing economies, and to contribute to the development of appropriate policies at local, regional, national and trans-national levels.

Specific objectives:
1. Identification of emerging change factors and new areas of policy related to SME in the digital economy.
2. Strengthen the EU network of resources contributing to the policy development monitor the evolution of electronic business practices, and review existing policies addressing electronic commerce and digital economy
3. Maintain links with other organisations relevant to the SME uptake and partici

Work description:
The project methodology is to address the audience-of the executive policy makers and policy advisers who are involved in the day-by-day design and implementation of actions, initiatives, and regulations coping with the impact of the digital economy on business and society. The assumption is that the new issues are generating similar problems in different contexts, and the lesson drawn by the G7 Pilot Project n.10 A Global Marketplace for SMEs tells that it is possible and successful to rely on an international network which allows to deal with those problems not in isolation, but taking reciprocal advantage from different experiences, ideas and knowledge.

To implement its objectives, the project will provide both scientific and technical assistance to the former G7 pp 10 European Policy Group, extended in time and dimension, throughout:
1. Periodic review of policy actions, legislative setting, and technical implementation within the EU Policy Group created with the G7PP 10.
2. Thematic seminars on specific issues, situated on the frontier of the current debate and research activity concerning the impact of digital economy on business and society, providing insight helping to reconfigure the focus of policies in the light of change and the assess ongoing policy implementations.
3. Dialogue with extra-EU policy networks, particularly in CEEC, Mediterranean and Latin America, to strengthen international cooperation, in particular about the impact of digital economy on small businesses.
4. Dissemination an d exchange of good practices, projects, results, and policies coming out from EU and local initiatives, encouraging pilots and replications in new contexts.
5. Support and coordination with the European Commission, as major policy maker both in IST-New Ways of Working and SME areas, needing close interactions with the various sub-transnationl policy layers in the EU and outside.

- DEEDS expects to achieve:
1. a strengthened community of European policy makers and advisers more and more familiar with an "interoperable language" built upon the recurrent international exchange of information, ideas, results about new trends and policy implementations dealing with digital economy, (small) business and society.
2. a European executive policy market community, used to dialogue with extra-EU areas- networks, reinforcing international co-operation by experiencing it on-field

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


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