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Content archived on 2024-05-18

Software Process Improvement and Capability determination for object-oriented / COmponent-based software dEvelopment


Component Based development (CBD) is a key for improving time-to-market, productivity, quality and re-use in software development. OOSPICE focuses on the processes, technology and quality in software development using component-based development (CBD). Based on principles of empirical software engineering it combines in innovative way four major concepts: CBD, object-orientated development, process assessment and software process improvement. Its main objectives are therefore a unified CBD process metamodel, a CBD assessment methodology, delivering component-provider capability profiles, a new CBD methodology and extensions to the ISO 15504 process assessment standard. The project involves pre-eminent world experts. It will help to a foundation of a component market for enabling Europe, also its SME's, to better compete globally.

Work description:
A 'CBD Process Model' will be defined, broad enough to accommodate differing CBD techniques used in both commercial and public procurement. It will be based on the partner's own experience, the experience of the user partners in the project, as well through extracting from existing best practices, tools, and approaches those elements which are common and widely used. The 'Assessment Model' will expand the reference model by adding the definition and use of indicators of process performance and process capability. The indicator set will define the practices, generic work products and their characteristics that will be used as a basis for assessing the processes and their capability. The result of an assessment will be a profile of processes where each major process within CBD is evaluated and ranked according to its maturity, providing benchmarks for identifying and monitoring improvements. A 'Generalised Assessment Method' will be defined which will establish the assessment process, its inputs, outputs and the way of data collection. A 'Questionnaire Tool' will be developed that will be used for data entry of assessment information. The cumulative data will be used to define the process maturity profile. The tool will do both data entry and calculations. Other tools will also be developed for introductory presentation, for report templates for summarising results, and improvement templates for making recommendations on actions for improving an organisation's development process. The CBD Assessment Methodology will be validated and refined through the use of 'User Trials' (approx. 1 week duration). After an introductory presentation, interviews with personnel will follow, covering all relevant departments. Both project and management level personnel would be interviewed. The analysed data will be used to recommended user actions.

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