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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Central and Eastern European Licensing Information Platform


Electronic journals and other Web products represent a growing market. Citizens require more and easier access to electronic documents. Libraries play a key role here, involving major changes in library purchasing habits. In the electronic environment, librarians continue to purchase physical objects e.g. books but now also access to electronic material. For this, licensing agreements are needed. Licenses must be negotiated with national and international publishers. Understanding this fast developing market, where libraries are important clients, is a new challenge for librarians. To open up this electronic market to CEE countries, librarians require training. CELIP will support the development of the professional skills of librarians in CEE countries in this crucial area of licensing.

The objectives of CELIP are to raise awareness of licensing issues in Central and Eastern European countries, to develop the skills of librarians in negotiating licences, to promote the use and development of model licences, to organise 10 licensing workshops, to establish a peer network and to promote information on electronic licensing developments in EU countries.

Work description:
Ten licensing workshops will be organised in the ten Central and Eastern European Accession Countries i.e. Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. The objective is to raise awareness of librarians about the implications of licensing issues when providing electronic services. This action will build upon the preceding projects ECUP, ECUP+ and CECUP. Further discussions on user rights in the electronic environment will be organised with librarians and rightowners in CEE countries, using here the good results of initial contacts established under CECUP. National representatives will be targeted, including learned societies. Use of the CECUP position paper on licensing principles and other licensing models will be encouraged as a code of good practice when negotiating licenses. The pan-European Focal Point (Website and e-list) for copyright & licensing questions, as well as information on EU legislative developments will be promoted. The current position of CEE libraries with regard to licensing will be discussed. A Steering Group will be established, consisting of representatives of all the partner library associations, to act as the network core and national licensing information will be disseminated actively at international level.

1. A report on the licensing situation in CELIP countries 2. Ten licensing workshops in the CELIP countries, after which awareness about national and international licensing issues and developments will be substantially higher. 3. Negotiations with rightowners to obtain a better mutual understanding. 4. International awareness about the project and its results. Liaison with the TECUP project.

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