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Content archived on 2024-05-18

A network of excellence for harmonising and synthesising the development of statistical metadata


Discussions at the fifth EEA Working Party Meeting (DOSIS/EPROS) in November 1999 showed that there is a shared need to harmonise the methodology, definitions and models used to describe statistical processing systems. In addition to the funded FP5 projects, there is a wealth of expertise in the existing or recent DOSIS (Development of Statistical Information Systems) projects as well as in NSIs (National Statistical Institutes), standards bodies and independent experts. We aim to create a network, which brings together this expertise to achieve their common goals. METANET will consist of experts and users from NSIs, users of official statistics, researchers and developers to consolidate on the work on metadata models that has been carried out in NSIs, in the fourth framework and in the Eurostat Supcom projects. It will interact with Fifth Framework projects in the area and the relevant standards bodies.

The network will have the following objectives:
(1) to develop proposals for standards in the methodology used for describing statistical metadata and statistical information systems
(2) to develop proposals for recommendations on the metadata objects in a common conceptual model of statistical metadata
(3) to disseminate these proposed standards to the relevant user communities and standards bodies
(4) to interact with relevant FP5 projects on the development and agreement of these proposals, and to advise on methods of achieving coherence of approach in the field of metadata for statistical information systems.

Work description:
The structure of the network has been designed to facilitate maximal exchange of ideas and contributions, while allowing small groups to focus on particular issues and bring forth recommendations. In this way the network will move forward the debate on statistical metadata, and lead to practical results, which can be implemented. The network will function through the organisation of four Work Groups combined with three conferences, which will be targeted at different audiences. Members of the consortium, who will also take responsibility for organising the conferences, will lead the Work Groups. The workplan therefore has three different strands:
(1) The establishment of four Work Groups to
(a) establish a methodology and tools for communication;
(b) establish current practice in classification and definitions of metadata;
(c) establish best practices for adopting the methodologies; and
(d) make recommendations for practical implementation.
(2) Dissemination activities: via the Web, conferences, roadshows, interaction with NSIs, Fifth framework projects, and standards bodies. There will be three conferences and two working meetings during the lifetime of the project.
The Work Groups will meet during these meetings, and communicate electronically for the rest of the time.
The purposes and structure of the conferences are as follows:
.Kick-off Conference in month 3 with about 50 delegates
.Working Meeting 1: an opportunity for Work Groups 1 and 2 to meet.
.Small Conference: the 35 members of the network Working Meeting 2 an opportunity for Work Groups 3 and 4 to meet.
Final Conference: an open dissemination conference to about 100 delegates.
(3) Co-ordination and management: The University of Edinburgh will co-ordinate the network, and host the Website. The management will consist of three main tasks: co-ordinating the reports, submitting management reports to the Commission and organising conferences.

M1 Kick off Conference in month 3 - selection of Work Group members
M2 Working Meeting 1 in month 9 - draft report of Work Group (a)
M3 Small Conference in month 15 - final report of WG(a), draft report of WG(b)
M4 Working meeting 2 in month 21 - final report of WG(b), draft report of WG(c)
M5 Final (dissemination) conference in month 27 - final report of WG(c), draft report of WG(d)
M6 month 30 - Final report of WG(d), and project Final Report

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