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Applied Test Suites Network


The Applied Test Suites (ATS) Thematic Network will be an industry oriented initiative to establish reference conformance test suites according to national and international test requirements. An extensive list of external members have already confirmed their participation.
The ATS NETWORK will establish a central pool of test suites with a defined and documented validation status. Building on the feedback from tested systems, the test suites will serve as a reference baseline for conformance tests, and will be maintained by the ATS NETWORK.
The Network will be a platform to collect feedback about the test suite quality and to distribute the current status of the reference test suites. The network will promote the development and the improvement of telecommunications testing methods and establishes a database concerning technical data (ATS) for the definition of performance and quality requirements of telecommunications equipment and services.

ATS Network's objectives are to establish and maintain a central pool of test suites with a defined and documented validation status, which will provide administrative and technical support to interested parties. The ATS network will also serve as a reference baseline for conformance tests and will provide support to members on conformance testing and interoperability to define and run a validation environment for the validation of test suites for telecommunications signalling applications. The network will collect feedback about the test suite quality and will distribute the current status of the reference test suites to provide an electronic market place to facilitate commercial distribution of Applied Test Suites and to disseminate information on Test Suites, Conformance Testing, Interoperability and Standards on a wide industrial community. The ATS network will also facilitate training and knowledge transfer to industrial members, in relation to testing.
Test Suites brought into the ATS Network will be validated from the network members in cooperation with their owner, and feedback will be provided for further enhancements in order to reach an acceptable quality and validation level. Information about the validated test suites will be disseminated to the network members according to the membership scheme.
Membership will be free of charge for the duration of the ATS Network project (only license fees will be paid for the use of test suites brought in the ATS Network as background info from the partners or any members of the project).
There are three categories of membership: auditor, user and observer. Each category has a different level of access to information and the corresponding membership charge reflects this. After the end of the ATS Network project, the actual charge will be the commercial value of the test suite and will be calculated to cover the engineering and administrative support needed to maintain and enhance the test suites.

Work description:
The project is organised in 11 workpackages running for the whole project life:
WP1 deals with day-to-day administrative and technical management and prepares all project external reports and dissemination material/activities;
WP2 objective is to collect, validate and disseminate test suites (PICS, PIXITs, TSS/TP, ATSs and TTCN executable test suites) for GSM, GPRS and UMTS protocols;
WP3 is collecting, validating and disseminating test suites for Audiovisual communications (including H.32X and T.120 protocols);
WP4 aims to collect, validate and disseminate test suites for IP protocols;
WP5 deals with collecting, validating and disseminating test suites for ISDN and B-ISDN protocols;L%WP6 aims to collect, validate and disseminate SS7 / IN ATS;
WP7 will provide information on available testing tool platforms supporting the database of the ATS-Network test suite and provides updated info and technical support on testing methods including TTCN;
WP8 will analyse issues required further research and development and will define the Network RTD strategy;L%WP9 deals with issues like resolution of IPR, definition of licensing special agreements, drafting of membership agreement, drafting of ATS providers' agreement, definition of non members licensing, promotion of the network;
WP10 provides general training material and services to the members in relation to the specific technological sectors addressed by the network;
WP11 objective is to liaise with ETSI, ITU-T, GSM MoU, UMTS Forum, ATM Forum and other relevant standardisation bodies.

The ATS network will involve the majority of European players in the telecom business including Telecom Operators, vendors of telecom equipment, software developers, manufacturers of test equipment, etc.

Milestones and expected results are summarised as follows:
M1: Finalisation of IPR agreements with members and not members of the Network;
M2: Mid-Term Assessment

Expected results is the development of new and improved conformance testing methodologies which allow to measure and validate the quality of telecommunications products and services. Produce more cost-effective testing, bringing together the best of both conformance and interoperability testing in a synergistic manner. Provide standard references to validated industrial test suites.

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