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Multimedia Content in the Digital Age


The objective of the project is to set up a comprehensive R&D effort to cover the effects and possibilities of enabling multimedia technologies for the European media sector. The project will be a collaborative effort of experienced research institutes and international professional organisations, together with a range of European media. Key element is to analyse systematically the fundamental changes in the profession due to the emerging digital production and distribution technologies.
Via a cluster of socio-economic studies, field surveys and trend scenario's, the consortium will establish a solid basis for innovative working methods and multimedia products. The outcomes will be widely disseminated. Various project activities will stimulate a climate of prompt action and joint ventures at the level of the European news industries: print, audiovisual and online. Initiatives to consolidate the project research effort will be taken.

The consortium will build a basis for innovation of working methods and the introduction of multimedia products in the European news industry. A cluster of related socio-economic studies will establish a first European-wide overview of ongoing developments in this field. The long-term consequences of the imminent overhaul to fully digital production conditions for content providers and information consumers will be translated into a set of future scenarios. Measures will be taken for the systematic collection of key data on multimedia products and innovative media strategies.

The project will foster the viability of the European news production sector by:
- bringing together the research and professional worlds
- bridging traditional national divides and encouraging joint projects
- strengthening the competitiveness vis-a-vis the international multimedia industry.

Work description:
A high-profile consortium of experienced research institutes and international professional organisations, representing the European media industry, has agreed to carry out a number of research projects to establish a European-wide overview of the multimedia playing field, stimulate innovative practices and develop an understanding of the changing role of information (and information providers) in a digital society. The studies will be complemented by a variety of meetings, work sessions and conferences to disseminate and discuss the results, and culminate in the presentation of a framework for the analysis of change management in the European multimedia industries.
Focus will be on socio-economic research activities: data collection, trend analysis and scenario building. This research work at the aggregate level will be illustrated with regular research reports about ongoing experimentation with novel multimedia content production. In the area of newsroom organisation, there will be detailed project surveys. From the very beginning the project offers a dedicated website with overviews of the project activities, other data on multimedia developments, information about related events and links to partner websites.
A regular email magazine will give summaries of project findings. Throughout the eighteen-month project period, research findings will be presented to the professional world via the various meeting platforms of the consortium partners. The project will end with a major European conference to define the state of play in multimedia content production, to establish an advisory industry council to set the future research agenda, and to launch a university-based European thematic research network for continued R&D activities in this field.

Milestones in the project are:
- a set of scenarios to indicate the drivers for change and the future character of information production and consumption in western societies;
- a coordinated study, analysing concrete initiatives for multimedia news production at project/company level;
- a project report integrating the various MUDIA activities summarising success and failure factors concerning the transition to multimedia production modes, and presenting a framework for change management in European media industries.

Funding Scheme

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