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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Cluster Of Systems of Metadata for Official Statistics


This Cluster brings together five IST projects: MISSION, FASTER, IPIS, IQML and METAWARE, which have a shared interest in statistical metadata and metadata repositories. Drawing on standards such as the OMG Common Warehouse Metamodel, the project will identify a common core model for the metadata employed in the systems of the five projects, and develop a set of common APIs for a subset of this model, to demonstrate interoperability between the software of the five projects. The users in the Cluster come from National Statistical Institutes (NSIs), Data Archives and Public Administrations. Thus the project is in a position to disseminate its findings to a wide constituency of users, as well as through technical networks and concentration activities.

The objectives of the Cluster are fourfold:
to build better metadata repositories by exchanging ideas and experience in using metadata systems for the individual projects;
to identify a common set of metadata objects, with agreed definitions, attributes and methods;
to implement a demonstration subset of these objects to show interoperability of the developed systems;
and to define a methodology for further developing this interoperability.
The Cluster will link with other concentration activities in the area and international standards bodies such as the Object Management Group (OMG), UN/EDIFACT and ebXML.

To achieve these objectives, we aim to:
(1) maximise the interchange between the key developers of the metadata models in each project;
(2) give an opportunity for all participating institutions to meet and exchange experiences;
(3) demonstrate the interoperability of the project outputs, while respecting the exigencies of each project plan.

Work description:
There are five elements of the Cluster's workplan:
(1) Key designers from each project will be brought together as soon as possible. After the initial meeting, designers will work together remotely to bring together a common understanding of the overall metadata framework and then the object classes of the model.
(2) It is also important that all members of all five projects meet, at least once, to understand the implications of the common metamodel, to exchange experiences, and to input a user view. Te main objective of the meeting will be to identify which elements of the core model will be implemented.
(3) After the Main Conference, two Work packages proceed in parallel. One will develop the APIs for the objects agreed at the main conference, and the other will define and refine the trial scenarios for the demonstration at the Final meeting.
(4) At the Final meeting, four representatives from each project, and 12 invited guests will observe the demonstration of the trial scenario. The major deliverable will be an evaluation report compiled by all five projects of the trial itself and the impact of the Cluster's activities on the projects.
(5) The Cluster will also interact with other networking and standardising activities.

Milestone 1 - Result of Kick-off meeting: agreement of work on model specification;
Milestone 2 - Report on Common Model: overview and objects;
Milestone 3 - Report on Main conference: agreement on basis for API specifications and trial scenarios;
Milestone 4 - Integration of trial scenario into the 5 projects;
Milestone 5 - Acceptance of initial inter-operability tests;
Milestone 6 - Trial demonstration at Final meeting;
Milestone 7 - Evaluation report and Final report: end of Cluster.

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