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The European KM Forum strives to build up a KM community in Europe and through the community to support and identify commonality in KM terminology, application and implementation. This is primarily done by providing infrastructure for networking and pushing KM information to a broad KM community of experts and laymen as well as pulling information and feedback from them. This infrastructure supports face-to-face communication as well as virtual meetings over the Internet. Besides this, there is one main focus on standardising KM application and implementation approaches and to create wide acceptance for these approaches by the community.

The objective of the European KM Forum is to bring together the available critical mass of KM experts in Europe in order to share and exchange the latest developments in the KM domain and to develop visions for the future. European KM Forum aims to establish and maintain a well co-ordinated and effective support infrastructure throughout Europe, enabling KM experts to co-ordinate their research activities and to network, both on formal and informal level. Different application and implementation approaches shall be converged to widely accepted standardised approaches and guidelines. The European KM Forum will provide a means for individual organisations to find similarly oriented partners to build special interest groups in order to jointly discuss situations and seek for solutions without losing contact to other greater European view on KM, thus profiting from results achieved and experiences made in other European projects. Further the development and set-up of a WWW-portal will be a central objective of the European KM Forum.

Work description:
The work is divided into 6 work packages, WP0 - WP5.
WP0 is technical, networking, and financial project management. This work package ensures efficient co-operation among the partners, controls the work results, and supports co-operation and communication within and beyond the project partners and members. Due to the special nature of the project and the amount of partners and members, the Project Management roles are split into Scientific, Financial and Networking Activities. This division of the different roles and responsibilities will ensure that the different goals of the project can be fulfilled.
WP1 is KM strategies and visions. The work package will analyse current Knowledge Management practices and results in research and industry, develop a kind of knowledge map of Knowledge Management in Europe. Based on that, trends and visions for both large and small and medium companies shall be "developed" in the fields of KM.
WP2 is KM application models. Based on the research work done in the research projects which are involved (or will be involved) in European KM Forum, in this work package guidelines will be defined regarding KM processes, tools, methods and human factors aspects. The vision of this work package is to define a European reference for knowledge management application. This new way of common KM working will help European companies in applying knowledge management based on a proven, validated standard. Additionally, the big issue of how to evaluate knowledge as well as how to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of Knowledge Management itself will be guiding question in this workpackage.
WP3 is KM implementation approaches. Based on the research results from the different projects involved in this project, a standardised implementation methodology for KM in Europe will be defined. The vision of this work package is to define a European reference for knowledge management implementation. Special emphasis will be given to the definition of critical success factors to support a seamless implementation and integration of KM in a companies organisational structure or even into inter- organisational business liaisons with their underlying business processes. Very important within this context is the consideration of human factors aspects for which a separate subtask is foreseen. This new way of common KM working will help the companies in implementing knowledge management based on a proven, validated standardised guideline.
WP4 is KM networking and dissemination. Main objective of this work package is to form an overall KM community in Europe containing subgroups (Special Interest Groups SIGs). These subgroups will be supported actively. Furthermore, the project's aim is the wide-spread diffusion of the European KM Forum throughout the European business community as well as to provide a visionary direction for future KM research in Europe. In particular this work package will promote the European KM Forum project by means besides the Internet. This work package is the base for acquiring new members and thus for enlarging the network of KM expertise. Additionally, this workpackage will bring together in physical and virtual meetings KM expertise to exchange information, learn from each other wad work together and thus to support con-verging KM activities. Therefore, meetings are organised and held. Additionally, the raising up of KM special interest groups within the network is supported.
WP5 is KM portal. This task is to set up a frame for KM Forum members and beyond to exchange information and knowledge, to discuss and inform other users of current activities. The WWW portal to be set up will support the development of a European KM community and the development of a common KM language. Besides information exchange among members the WWW portal will give a means for the consortium to easily capture the users' needs, ideas and KM activities. Thus, the WWW portal will support

The results of the European KM Forum project will be aggregated information - about KM application and implementation in Europe - trends and visions as well as roadmaps and guidelines - aggregation of application and implementation practices and recommendations to standardised application and implementation models - support of KM laymen and experts by a WWW portal and face to face - discussions, new ideas, initiatives, publications and articles from the KM community outside the project consortium

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