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An accoMpanying mEaSuRe for European Commission's IT nodes actions in the areas of tecHnologies for business processes, electronic commerce, multimedia content and tools and web technologies


The aim to accompany the IT Nodes activities of the European Commission by developing demonstrators and organizing workshops in the selected areas, covering Technologies for Business Processes and Smart Organizations, Knowledge Management, Electronic Commerce, Multimedia content and tools and WWW technologies. The results of highly successful previous European Commission supported projects will be used in developing the demonstrators, that is, inter-enterprise workflow system developed within the INCO-DC 97 2496 MARIFlow project will be used for TBP and the result of OPENISE (IST-1999 11590) and CATCH 2004 (IST-1999 11103) will be used for the provision of a prototype based on a tool will for processing multimedia content for a cultural heritage. Finally, in the context of this project three workshops with tutorials and technical papers will be organised covering the aforementioned project target areas and providing information on IST proposal preparation.

The information technology take-up in Mediterranean countries requires more efforts to complement the IT Nodes activities; the advanced technology in well targeted areas should be explained and demonstrated through concrete demonstrators and training, in forums that include the industry, the end users, software developers, business organizations and the academicians from these countries as well as from EU. HERMES project will achieve these objectives in the areas that are the intersection of IoT and IT Nodes activities, that is, Key Action II and Key Action III, which cover Technologies for Business Processes, Electronic Commerce, Multimedia Content and Tools and WWW technologies. Three workshops covering the above areas will be organised, containing tutorials and technical papers.

Work description:
HERMES project will target to achieve three objectives through corresponding action plans:
-Promoting broad adoption of eCommerce and eWork in regional and sectoral settings (IST II.1.5) Dynamic value constellations (IST KA II.3.1) and Smart Organizations (IST Key Action II.2.2);
-Web Technologies and Standards (XML, RDF, P3P, WML);
-Access to digital collections of cultural and scientific content (IST KA III.1.4) Virtual representations of cultural and scientific objects (IST KA III.1.v) and Authoring interactive Web content (IST KA III.1.1).

Three workshops will be organised (in EU and non EU countries) in the context of the project (one for each action plan), where there will be two prototype demos, together with demonstrators in application domains covering various application scenarios relevant to Mediterranean like health, textile, and tourism over these prototypes. The prototypes to be used are the results of previous European projects. The main aim of this step is to be able to demonstrate concrete prototypes to the participants of the workshops so that they can better comprehend and visualize how they can exploit the technology addressed in the workshop. The workshops will also highlight the possible exploitation of the addressed technology with various application scenarios. Following this course, demonstrator software for selected industrial domains will be demonstrated based on each of the two prototypes. Finally, each of the workshops will additionally contain a tutorial and technical papers.

- Adaptation and delivery of the two prototypes;
- Completion of training on the prototypes and on the development of new applications;
- Delivery of the demonstrators;
- Workshop completion;
- Assessment of the project;
- Delivery of the exploitation report paper and dissemination workshops in the SMCs with strong European SME participation.

Five Milestones are defined as assessment points, coinciding with the Dissemination Workshops in the six SMCs.


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