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Visual Data Navigation in Web Documents


The information in a SmartDoc is classified in specialized component domains. Linking these domains together enables easy creation of powerful presentation and visualization tools. The component domains are:
-Presentation components for viewing results
-Reader Components to enable import of various data
-Analysis components for cluster, filter etc
-Interactive visual components for proving insight
-Document components for authoring documents, e.g. embedded data, bookmarks, links, reading paths
-Communication components to enable remote collaboration.

The SmartDoc application components address three different application scenarios:
1. Analysis
-Stand-alone version 2. Collaborative analysis
-Network version based on Application Sharing 3. Presentation and journaling "SmartDoc"
-ActiveX components In (1), the user analyses and explores the data and prepares the journal (3) for review by other users. This step includes setting bookmarks and annotations of interesting discoveries for embedding into documents and later viewing. During the analyse process the user can also start a collaborative session (2) to share insights with other users.

The SmartDoc collaboratory network version includes a collaborative environment where two or more users can meet together is cyber space displaying and interacting with the same dataset remotely. Bookmarks and annotations can also be used in the collaborative session. In the final step, an ActiveX component (3) is integrated into the electronic document (Office Word) with bookmark and annotation data. Smartdocs have been developed for the following three application domains:
-Medical imaging (VolumeViewer, ParametricDataViewer)
-GeoEngineering (FloodViewer, Fly-Through) -Knowledge Discovery and Visual Data Mining (MDViewer, HTE Viewer, SOMViewer, 3D Scatter, Parallel Coordinates).

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