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Content archived on 2024-05-27

The Shop-Lab-Network for Test and Design of Hybrid Shop Environments based on multi-modal Interface Technology


The objective of the SHOP-LAB proposal is the test and design of multimodal interfaces in hybrid shop environments. The business of traditional inner city shops will be augmented with digital technologies and services. In order to integrate users (shop owners and customers) into the development of prototypes public test beds in a model shop and in real shops will be established. Cultural differences in the use of new technologies and in business habits in general can be studied and the design process sensitized to these cultural aspects. The modular ""tangram approach"" allows a maximum of flexibility.

The objective of the SHOP-LAB project is the development of hybrid shop environments based on multimodal interfaces (and interspaces) which combine the virtues of real world shops with the additional value of digital technologies and services. The alienation of many people to new technologies will be reduced by integrating their needs and experiences in the design process. Therefore public accessable test beds will be installed in a model shop and in real shops so that an active participation of users is guaranteed and both social and practical user acceptance can be tested in realistic environments. The enormous cultural value of traditional retail shops in different European regions as well as the different European mentalities will regarded in the participatory design of the hybrid shop modules.

The SHOP-LAB project consists of the following elements: hardware interface design, software interface design, shop construction and design, multimedia application design, usability and user acceptance test design and inter-cultural communication design for the development of hybrid shop environments. These environments consist of ""Shop-Lab modules"" such as Interactive Window, Interactive Shelf, Interactive Mirror and Interactive (Entrance) Space. The Shop-Lab modules consist of hard- and software interface components, which make use of multiple interaction modalities and include shop specific multimedia applications and services. The design work is distributed to a design lab with a model shop in the inner city of Basel, a VR-lab in Athens (Greece) and two reference shops in different cultural and business contexts in Germany and France. These test beds are transparent research labs in the same time. Users will actively participate in the design process. These user centered design and research will lead to solutions with a high degree of social and practical user acceptance. Active networking with scientific and industrial partners (technology and content provider) is part of the project as the test beds provide an unique opportunity for realistic tests of new interface technologies in a realistic context.


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