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Content archived on 2024-05-27

European Take-Up of Essential Information Society Technologies - Agents and MIddle ware


This project constitutes a framework in which 17 activities regarding Agents and Middleware technology based applications applied in different industrial field will be realised. Under this framework, management and dissemination will be performed centralised to increase effectiveness.

The 71 partners participating in this project will produce the following activities:

-MODA-ML, middleware tools and documents for applications, enhancing the textile/clothing sector with XML;
-MOWGLI, an integration server to manage data flow through medical resources in paper/film-less hospitals;
- GAIANET, an infrastructure that supports the development and exploitation of geospatial applications with distributed workflows;
- STREAMONTHEFLY, is about offering a personalised community radio program with collaborative filtering agents and bandwidth sensitive streaming;
-SYSTEMATECH is focused on adapting an existing management prototype based on mobile agents and intelligent forecasting technologies, now able to manage complex networked systems in a proactive way;
-WINK, the objective of the WINK project will be to validate a combination of two technically promising software platforms which when united will perform automated, efficient data collection and management planning in complex "smart" organizations made up of a network of partners participating in large scale projects who are physically and organizationally remote;
-DISTAL Take-Up, the objectives of the DISTAL Take-Up project are to prove the business case for DISTAL, by trailing, testing and evaluating a service using customised existing software;
- TRANSORG, concerns the middle-ware backbone over which the operation and support applications (OSS) for the telecom industry are built;
-SIMAT, is a trial whose aim is to evaluate the use and the acceptance of secure mobile agent technology by creating Web-enabled services and offering them to an existing community of IT professionals registered to a Web portal called OTLand;
- WAVE, the purpose is to develop new workstations, which can be established in training centres or in companies in order to contribute directly to train welding beginners to the basic gestures;
-MASFIT is a research project of the Instituto de Investigaciones en Inteligencia Artificial (IIIA), belonging to the Consejo Superior de Investigacions Científicas (CSIC), which began in 1996 and is concerned with communicational aspects of multi-agent systems;
- INVATAR, is an integration of intelligent, mobile agent based data management and retrieval technology customised to specific domain rules from the business of the users relayed through realistic real time animated avatars;
-CASSY, uses the intelligent agent technology as an assistant for the normal citizens in their interactions with the e-government systems;
-EXTRAPLANT, whose objectives are to introduce, customise and validate the ProPlanT multi-agent technology in the area of extra-enterprise production planning, supply chain management and optimisation of virtual enterprise operation;
-PENELOPE, is about making available via Internet an automatic planner based on a library of customised agent based models of the plants applied to the textile production process;
-METALWEB, whose objective is to adapt and trial web-computing technology in order to integrate and validate an ASP platform addressing the computing needs of the metal forming sector in general and the sheet stamping sector in particular;
-(E)MOTIONS, whose objective is to expand the use of 3-D captured human motions through a range of innovative applications embedded in a web enabled Application Service Provision platform for different user groups.

The cluster will give a corporate image of all the projects for the dissemination of results and will provide efficient management and monitoring.

As a cluster, the objectives are the following:
- To improve the efficiency on the management and review of the activities;
- To improve the dissemination of the results by:
- Providing an European Dimension;
- Providing the experience in technology promotion of the past HPCN-TTN Network;
- Assessing the quality of the material (homogeneity, message, proof reading, target, layout);
- Increasing the impact of the results of the activities.

As individual projects the main objective is to deploy the 17 trials described in the workplan.

Work description:
The work in the cluster will be performed at three levels:
- Management:
- To perform the management of the activities, including reports collection and production, reviews organization, monitoring and financial management;
- Dissemination:
- To ease the dissemination of the activities by:
+ Providing standards and templates for the material;
+ Assessing the quality of the material;
+ Helping the activity members on the production of success stories for the activities;
+ Creating and mantaining a WWW server for the activities;
- Technical work:
- 17 activities will be deployed during this project. A consortium of several members will carry out each activity. All the activities are focused on the realisations of applications based on agent and middleware technologies.

M1 end of PM2: availability of cluster WWW site (first operative version);
M2 end of PM6: dissemination standards;
M3 quality procedures defined;
M4 end of PM35: complete set of success stories
M5 end of PM36: public final report.

Expected results:
WWW site with the description of all the activities (business oriented);
Extensive dissemination material (demonstrators, flyers, demos) according to activities objectives.

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