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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Next Generation Open Control System Internet Ready


The objective of NEOXITE is development of an embedded system for real-time control to be used on pilot plants, for evaluation and optimisation of processes, as well as for embedded control systems (CS).
As result of the project, an enhanced state of the art Soft Distributed Control System will be available. Suitable software tools will ensure its integration with a wide variety of products (through standard interfaces).
Recently the demand of CS, based on open standard platforms (HW & SW), has become pressing. But if for the supervisory part of these systems good results have been achieved recently, a lot of job is still missed as far as regards the hardware layer.
Some of the technology available on the market (e.g. small footprint standard Real Time OS, fieldbusses, CBSA) provide for sure an adequate infrastructure for novel CS, where costs can be drastically reduced and openness, flexibility and scale ability definitely increased.

The NEOXITE Project objective is to develop a system that integrates in a unique solution services and advanced functionalities for the optimisation, the simulation and the process control, currently just partially available and only provided by different and external systems.
The system, definitely representing a step ahead towards the next generation process control systems, will offer an extremely modular, flexible and self-sufficient suite of components for complex process control applications and simulation.
The new system will provide full network capabilities to be used for embedded real-time industrial process control systems (Open Control System) based on COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) standards, will leverage on Web related technologies, will field bus control networks and standard communication and interfacing methods, thus enabling the system to be used within Component Based Solution Assembly (CBSA) architectures or together with Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).

Work description:
NEOXITE development will start with the definition and the analysis of the end-users requirements.
In this phase will be fundamental the co-operation between end-users and suppliers in the effort to make converge the industrial needs and constraints with the technological and theoretical structures and limits.
Next step will be the definition of the Software specifications and system architecture.
In this phase the research institutes, the system integrators, and industrial Partners will be the main actors.
The following activity will addressed to the development and deployment of software tools and drivers devoted to the realisation of the claimed Flexible and Open Control System.
IT partners, with vast and proved competencies on the specific field, will co-operate to the realisation of the intended system. Industrial partners will provide the specific background and know-how related to most innovative technologies to be adopted, while more theoretical activity such as research and investigation in the field of innovation of operating systems and process control techniques will be carried on by the research institutes.
An early prototype of each component will be developed and tested in its first integration session.
The first and the final demonstration of the project results will follow the final integration of the entire system.
The Work-program consists of eleven Workpackages, which can be differentiated in three types of activity: technical, scientific, management.
It appears reasonable that Workpackage leader-ship will be own by Research Institutes for scientific activity, by the Project manager and co-ordinator for administrative ones, and by System Integrators and by End-users for the technical and testing activities.
Anyway, all of the Workpackages see a strict interaction among most of the Partners in the consortium. Each Workpackage can be further broken down into several actions, and specific Partners responsibilities can be assigned task by task.

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