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Content archived on 2024-05-24

European Generic Emergency Response Information System


The EGERIS objective is to provide Civil Protection organisations and national or regional authorities concerned with emergency management with the most recent information and communication technologies developments to support them in their Emergency Management operations during the Response phase and, to a lesser extent, the Preparedness phase. General purpose tools are planned to be integrated into EGERIS providing a full range of emergency Communication, Information and Decision Making functions. EGERIS has also a firm commitment to implement open systems approaches to achieve standardisation, interoperability and portability.

EGERIS objective is to provide Civil Protection organisations (and different actors in Emergency Management) with Information and Communication technologies that improve their overall efficiency during the preparedness and the response phases of a crisis. EGERIS generic architecture will form an Intelligent Emergency Information System based on the last generation Communication Network that relies on innovative open IP techniques (IPFN). These IPFN techniques will interconnect various transmission methods with a new set of tools for the crews in the field that will use vehicle mounted Information Centres and hand held terminals. EGERIS will help them acquire or dispatch the pertinent information they need to the various levels of the organisation and will support them in their operational decision making process.

Work description:
In the 27 months project timeline the main tasks are:

Up to month 6: "User and system requirement definition". User & system requirements will be defined and selected with several EU and Czech Republic Civil Protection Organisations. This analysis will be based on the standard methodology out coming from FORMIDABLE IST project. FORMIDABLE methodology will be complemented and extended with requirements from organisations not involved in project FORMIDABLE;

Months 6-12: "Analysis and Design". The design will address the full system based on the user and system requirements. At the end of the period focus will be turned to definition of the demonstrator which will implement the major functions for the different levels command and control;
- "Pilot Development & Integration": The pilot will be integrated for four tests sites. The tools will be adapted to the specific applications involved;

Month 15-16 First Field trial to test service effectiveness and identify major improvements needed in first prototype;

Month 22-26: Second field trial for full evaluation of the second version of the prototype;
- Dissemination and exploitation: Dissemination activities, promotion of the project and standardisation activities will carried out.

M1 at month 6: Specifications Review;

M2 at month 12: Design Review
M3 at month 17: Components Development Review;

M4 at month 22: Version 2 Field trials readiness Review;

M5 at month 27: Final Evaluation Review.

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