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Virtual Access to Research Labs


The project aims at testing the viability and feasibility of 3D photographic interfaces on the Internet. This kind of interface to the scientific content fills a need already expressed by the European citizens, to have a more direct, clear access to research and the places where it takes place. The project aims also at customising and evaluating which of the different technologies now being developed is the most suitable for these goals.

Work description:
The proposer will first of all select a user group and a series of institutions which will collaborate to the project. Then the 3D interface will be realised, and they will be available on the proposer's website. Comprehensive evaluation will take place at all stages, and all results will be published.

- A better understanding of the possibilities of the Internet in terms of visual interfaces and visual access to content;
- a new form of access to scientific content, and of interacting with research institutions.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Maria Vittoria 12
10123 Torino