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Content archived on 2024-05-15

OPEN source ROUTER for the SOHO market


OPENROUTER will adopt open source software for the development of an efficient and open architecture router-firewall for the SOHO market. Available embedded system technology will be used and the user company will acquire expertise in open source software. The result will be an efficient, low cost system as well as an integrated software package that can be used to allow the wide adoption of inexpensive routing and firewall functionality. An existing access device will be upgraded according to the needs of Linux based open source software. The adopted software includes the Linux Operating System, TCP/IP protocol stack, routing protocols, firewall functionality, SNMP management and web based control & configuration. The software produced within the project will be made available to the open source community. Finally, protocol conformance and performance tests are foreseen to prove the technical feasibility of the open source router concept.

- Adopt open source software for the operating system, routing and firewall functionality of an efficient router-firewall system;
- Enhance performance and reliability of the system by efficient porting of the open source software into the system ARM CPU and by mapping specific functions into the hardware;
- Develop new open source software components including an efficient user interface for control, configuration and management downloading new code in the system;
- Reuse available designs for the router hardware subsystem. Integrate router hardware with open source software and provide a low cost, efficient router-firewall system targeted at the SOHO market;
- Implement a software based router/firewall solution for Intel x86 or a hardware solution based on ARM embedded CPU plus the adopted open source software that will achieve throughput of 75.000 packets per second or 75 Mbit/s;
- Achieve a cost reduction of 50% compared with the available SOHO router/firewall solutions.

Work description:
Project Administrative and Technical Management, Dissemination and Exploitation activities.
Open source system requirements for advanced router-firewall system will be gathered. Open source software development tools & evaluation boards will be acquired. An advance datasheet with the router-firewall system specification will be produced. The system architecture will be defined taking into account available open source software for the interface & flash memory device drivers, Linux operating system kernel for the ARM CPU, network & routing protocols, queue management and congestion control. Command line interface and web based management tools will be designed. The feasibility to employ hardware assisted functionality for routing and firewall functions will be investigated. Work will be performed for the analysis and evaluation of security, availability and performance issues regarding the adopted open source software and the produced device.
Detailed design and coding of the system software components including the device drivers and porting of the adopted open source software to the embedded ARM CPU. Modifications of the Linux OS kernel to handle hardware accelerated functionality. Design and implementation of the system SNMP MIB. Command line and web based user interface design & implementation. Implementation of the system PCB. Test scenarios design. Integration of system software and system hardware. Network protocol conformance and system performance testing. Interoperability tests. Reporting on the acquired technology, demonstrations and dissemination of project results.

1. OPENROUTER Advance Datasheet;
2: System Architecture and high level design;
3. OPENROUTER System software & hardware;
4. Technology Evaluation and System Performance

1. Open source router/firewall software package;
2. Low-cost embedded router/firewall device.

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