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Content archived on 2024-05-24

eCommerce Legislation and Regulatory Policy Portal


A service to provide Entrepreneurs with easy access to comparative information about legislative and regulatory matters affecting eCommerce in the various Member States. A Regulatory engine relating legal topics to business types and methodologies will be accessed by way of an on-line community Portal. A range of support activities will publicize and promote the service. A business plan will be formulated to define how the service will be able to continue after the fully-funded project.

Global eCommerce offers a way for all enterprises, notably innovators, to reach wider markets and grow faster than by using existing methods.
To provide a setting for business to work, national governments and the European institutions legislating to protect customers and consumers, enabling safe on-line trading.
For eCommerce to thrive the legislative and regulatory state, intended to create trust and confidence in new technologies and business processes, must be known.
eCommLex will inform about variation in legislative and regulatory eCommerce matters across the EU for non-specialist entrepreneurs and business people, in particular from SMEs, in a user-friendly manner.
This is vital for services and applications called for by the User-friendly Information Society.

eCommLex will support eCommerce by comparing relevant regulatory issues across the EU and will help enterprises to get such information which affects business quickly, easily, and at no cost. This information can also help guide legal advisors on specific areas to be addressed.

Work description:
eCommLex will have 2 main components, a Regulatory engine and an on-line community Portal.

The work is broken down into Workpackages (WPs) covering Project Management, Analysis, Design and Development Phases, and an Information Collection and Pilot Phase. The service will go live during the Operational Phase, supported by an Awareness Raising WP. A further WP will implement additional Technical Support Services and a Business Plan WP will have as its aim to ensure that eCommLex continues at the end of its 18-month funded period, supported by a commercial strategy.

The Regulatory Engine will give clear tailored explanations on eCommerce regulatory issues applied to business activities and processes, for the business entrepreneur. Defining regulatory concerns and their linkages to business processes and activities is a crucial issue.

The on-line Community Portal will form a single entry-point for all visitors, with interactive components on the WebSite, giving information on policy and regulation in Europe, a directory service, sources of information, links to relevant WebSites and, of course, entry to the Regulatory Engine, supported by a series of interactive screens.

National experts in each Member State will collect defined data for the regulatory database, to be rewritten to present the elements as required.

Awareness raising activities will include user surveys undertaken to establish the initial impressions and level of acceptance of the services, and information, features and functionality. The project will incorporate the feedback to ensure the expected levels of quality are assured. Awareness Raising activities will also include promotional tools, as well as traditional and on-line PR.

Additional Support Activities are included. A detailed Business Plan will be developed to provide a seamless continuation of service after the initial funded phase.

eCommLex will present data useful to entrepreneurs setting up eCommerce ventures and will support the policy goals of enhancing adaptability, employability and entrepreneurship throughout Europe.

Key milestones are:
User requirements definition;
System/Application design; definition of data algorithms for the Regulatory Engine;
Functional prototype;
Collected and interpreted EU & national content on eCommerce Legislation & Regulation;
Pilot test feedback incorporated;
Operational eCommLex Regulatory Engine and Portal;
Business exploitation, dissemination and PR activities.

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