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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Co-operative BIDding in the MEDical sector


Several SME categories have serious problems to meet the digital economy in a full and profitable way. The real problem is that the single SME is able to fulfil only a small portion of every single customer needs. The suggested approach is grouping together the SMEs of the same sector, thus creating an organisation that allows them to prepare integrated offers, behave as a unique supplier, and guarantee convenient prices: constitution of a smart bidding organisation (SBO). A sector where this situation is particularly evident, thus constituting an emblematic workbench, is the bio-medical one. Many enterprises in this sector are small sized and highly specialised, and perfectly fit the profile described above. Many customers are public bodies that buy through calls for tender. The SME must learn how to organise complete and competitive bids, being at last free from the intermediaries that now wrap them with respect to the market.

Objective of the project is to define and experiment a best practice to support the collaboration among SMEs of the bio-medical sector, up to the constitution of their Smart Bidding Organisation (SBO). The SBO plays the role of unique interface with respect to the customers allowing the partner SMEs to protect their own know-how. To this purpose the project aims at: (1)Identifying and solving the contractual aspects, SBO quality certification and assurance, partners search and performances; (2)Supplying an ICT infrastructure to realise a unified product catalogue, support the co-operative bidding, interact with the customer; (3)Selecting and publishing a first core of regulations (publishing and update procedures); (4)Financial support to the SBO, to determine the conditions under which banks can provide it.The ultimate objective of the project is to guarantee a wide adoption of the achieved results, in particular the dissemination will take from the Interest Group creation.

The main objective of this project is to define and experiment a best practice to support the collaboration among SMEs of the bio-medical sector, up to the constitution of their smart bidding organisation (SBO). The project will last 18 months and the project work is organised in macro-phases: (1) Requirements specification: the end-user requirements are collected, and the problems of the enterprises willing to operate together are studied (Methodological framework, ICT infrastructure, regulations concerning tenders and supplies in the bio-medical sector, financial support procedures for the SBO); (2) ICT tools selection and adaptation: tools selection and tuning on the basis of the tools developed during past European Projects, methodologies definition and formalisation (contractual aspects) for the constitution and operation of the SBO, a Regulation Framework will be defined and published in a Web site; (3) Pilot case preparation: for each business case, a significant objective for the relative pilot case conduction is selected and analysed in detail; (4) Pilot cases experimentation: for verifying the defined and tuned best practices, at the three pilot cases: Italian, Hungarian and French business case; (5) Dissemination and exploitation: the dissemination strategy is defined and applied, both in terms of technologies and methodologies in particular to promote the lesson learnt towards further SMEs of the Biomedical sector and out if it. The catalysts, in collaboration with CNA, organise public events for results dissemination. An Interest Group will be activated since the beginning of the project.


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