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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Platform for real-time interactive access to mega-images


The project will validate the advantages of the new JPEG-2000 standard in critical and real time applications such as medical and remote sensing applications. These applications require efficient implementation of the (de-) compression algorithms for very large images, interactive tools for data selection and personalisation of the content, as well as cooperative discussions and decisions (including diagnostics for the medical applications).

To promote the use of JPEG-2000 for visual communications in the field of scientific digital images by a specific parametrization of the standard to very large sized images. To demonstrate the scalability and the versatility of the standard by developing an open platform for getting an interactive, secure and multimodal access to very large sized images through IP connections. A two levels architecture will be proposed, one for session management based on session protocols of the IETF and the other for image communications based on JPEG-2000. To develop dedicated tools for setting real-time connections to large image databases. To validate the developed platform and concepts through two user-oriented trials in the field of remote sensing and medical images exchanges.

We define the following workpackages:
WP1 Management and exploitation plans: the goal of this workpackage is to ensure and efficient management of the project by checking the achievement of each step leading towards the two final trials. In this workpackage, the tools for ensuring an efficient coordination within the group will be implemented. A business plan for the results exploitation will also be implemented.
WP2 Requirement analysis and system definition: the goal of this workpackage is, on the basis of a requirement analysis of the two final trials, to define the required performances and functionalities of the compression-decompression tools, the network interfaces, the user interface, the session protocol and the security modules.
WP3 JPEG-2000 seamless and real-time implementation: to ensure the development of the JPEG-2000 software modules and their optimisation for DSP implementation and parallel processing server implementation. Optimisation of the modules for reaching the real-time constraints and optimisation of the flexible bitstream for a seamless navigation in the image will also be achieved in this workpackage.
WP4 Collaborative visualization platform implementation: to implement the user interface, the session protocol elements and the security modules and to integrate these elements with the JPEG-2000 compression-decompression modules.WP5 Validation and technology assessment: to organize and implement the two trials (remote sensing and medical imaging), to set optimum parameters, to validate the PRIAM technology and to propose from this observation further improvements of the PRIAM platform.

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