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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Customizable Hyperguide To Cultural And Scientific Webs


Initiative to take up an interactive push application, which provides an interpretative dynamic storyboard based on a customisable methodology for web description. The application will be: dynamic, in the sense that it allows to be easily modified; interpretative, in the sense it will accommodate information items in XML metrical documents; interactive and searchable in a query oriented context.

The objective is to provide a tool to build customisable hyper guides to cultural and scientific webs. It aims at developing an interactive push application that provides an interpretative dynamic storyboard based on a customisable methodology for web description (CUM). The software application will be designed and implemented in the up-to-date XML architecture. This hyper-guide addresses the need of improving web access, selection and filtering and usability of information resources in specific domains.

Work description:
The hierarchies of nominalistic listings as well as database paradigms are not completely suitable to the Internet information universe. In order to increase the web usability a new XML-based template model is needed to structure and record webs. Qualified support comes from the legacy of information studies, which have developed the ability to extrapolate the information elements from heterogeneous information materials of different nature, to reorganize these elements in complex value added and dynamic systems and to proactive disseminate and communicate the results into a knowledge process. The tool will be an interactive push application, which provides the template to build a storyboard in XML to facilitate identification of selected websites of heterogeneous or homogeneous nature. It will make use of the CUM methodology developed and tested in scientific and cultural web-worlds and described in a paper delivered for the specialized journal The Electronic Library. The XML platform of the application will also achieve the widespread of this mark-up-language for Internet documents. The reaching of the two different user communities is guaranteed by an extensive network of institutions in cultural assets. Dissemination in cultural exhibitions, web sites and printed leaflets will be carefully accomplished in order to promote the user involvement in the trial phase. The product advertising towards public and private organizations will be executed in order to meet the exploitation objectives.

In one year the achievements will consist of:
analysis of similar software;
specifications of the CUM methodology for XML application;
development and testing of the software;
availability of the tool for wider dissemination.

1st milestone at the end of month 5: achievement of software development.

The expected results are:
an English-language user interface accurately designed and implemented according to the state of art of web usability;
an English information seeking context according to a set of recorded descriptive elements (CUM based) from approximately 100 Italian cultural and scientific web sites;
a display functionality in storyboard form.

The fruition in an Internet/Intranet environment.

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