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Content archived on 2024-05-18

China Europe Network on the NET


CENNET will maintain and further develop the relationships established between China and Europe during the past 7 years of co-operation in the domain of Manufacturing Engineering and Integration. Specific activities will include: organisation of workshops in China and in Europe, invitation to Chinese Partners for short visits in Europe, development of a CENNET Website and dissemination of the results of China-European co-operation in Europe.

At a macro level, CENNET will seek to develop a strategic relationship between the Automation Initiative of the China High Tech 863 Programme and the Electronic Commerce Digital Business activity of the IST Programme.
Specifically CENNET will seek to encourage co-operation between projects sponsored by the 863 programme and the IST programme and stimulate the development of joint projects in the future.

At a micro level CENNET will:
- Disseminate throughout Europe and reciprocally in China, information on R&D and industrial activities in Electronic Commerce and Digital Business in China;L- encourage the development of cooperation projects between Europe and China;
- encourage the exchange of students, industrial researchers and engineers;
- seek to encourage the development of common standards;
- advise the E.C. and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).

Work description:
CENNET Project's work is defined into five Workpackages as follows:

WP1 - organisation of 2 workshops in China (one in Beijing and another in IT representative Chinese region) with a very large audience (25% of Europeans) over a period of 18 months.

WP2 - development of a strong, powerful and interactive web site; development of a server to support the existing network to establish the contact points for the industries as well as universities in Europe and China to help industries from a technical, technological, and organisational point of view for the installation and development of joint-ventures in China, and also for the search of competence and expertise in the domain of Manufacturing Integration.
The server has also to favour a concrete e-Work, e-Business between all the CENNET partners.

WP3 - dissemination in Europe and communication including a strong event on Chinese potential cooperation toward European SMEs and visits by Chinese partners in Europe to promote current and past co-operation results.

WP4 - assessment and evaluation of workshop and website impact - defining evaluation criteria, elaboration of a questionnaire and evaluation of results of the cooperation, the audience of the workshops in China and in Europe and the use of the web site by university and industries.

WP5 - Project management co-ordinating tasks defined in previous workpackages among European and Chinese partners, ensuring a link between the CENNET consortium and European Commission.

Main results expected are:
(1) two workshops organised in China;
(2) an event organised in Europe to promote European Chinese Cooperation;
(3) a CENNET interactive website operational six months after project start;
(4) an evaluation of the cooperation through the evaluation of the impact of workshops in China and in Europe and of impact of the website.

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