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Knowledge and Information Stimulating Technology


The main objective of the KIST project is to develop the established Treasures programme within the Museum of Scotland's ExhibIT room, through innovative digital exploration of NMS collections using 3D reconstructions, audio, animation and video, adding a new dimension to the visitor experience. The KIST project will also develop and trial the Treasures programme as an on-line resource enabling NMS collections to be explored in detail from anywhere in the world. As part of the on-line development, Treasures will be integrated into the educational environment as a teaching resource for use in classrooms and available to children of all ages.

Work description:
The project is structured into 4 phases. During the first phase (months 1-2) detailed analysis will be performed on the existing Treasures programme within the Museum of Scotland. Studies will be made on public interaction with the current interface and how effective the programme is at conveying information. Results will be reported. A new interface will be developed based on these results.
In the second phase (months 2-5) there will be development of further interactive technology, animation, 3D artwork and digital imagery. New content will be collated and added.
In the third phase (months 6-8) user trials of the new interface will take place.
During the fourth phase (months 7-12) Treasures will be adapted for Web use. This will be trailed on-line as a general resource and in classrooms as an educational resource. Reports will be produced on the findings.

The project's main scope is to expand and improve the established Treasures programme using current and emerging technology, ensuring NMS collections can be accessed by people of all ages and abilities throughout the world. Trials will take place in both the Museum and externally, with visitors, teachers and pupils, to ensure the programme is reaching all audiences effectively.

In more detail the trials taking place are:
1. Trial of current Treasures programme - interface and effectiveness
2. Trial of new Treasures interface and content
3. Trial of Treasures as an effective on-line resource
4. On-line trials on low-end machines
5. Trial of Treasures as a classroom resource.

Major milestones of the project are:
Analysis of current Treasures programme (M2),
production of new Treasures programme (M5),
new Treasures programme available for public use (M8),
Treasures programme launched on-line (M10),
On-line Treasures marketed as an educational resource (M12).

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