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Content archived on 2024-05-15

Empowering AUDIO content providers through e-work and interactivity management to exploit audio knowledge bases in the market for interactive audio enterTAINment


Interactive entertainment is predicted to be one of the main sources for gaining revenues in the broadband era. Broadcasters or print media are looking for tools to easily repurpose their content and thus broaden their market. AUDIOTAIN provides tools and methods to (re-)publish media content in interactive applications, ranging from music entertainment presentations to infotainment online games to edutainment applications. The international consortium will develop a system to create a variety of interactive applications so that the future product will enable Media content providers, like Broadcasters and others to generate online games or interactive presentations (re-)using the content that they have. AUDIOTAIN's applications will enable the user to interact with multimedia information, and in later versions enable them to interact with each other, too.
The technical partners will offer a back end to create, edit and manage interactive applications and their content, the content partners will use these tools to validate them and demonstrate the wide range of possibilities this tool will give.
The AUDIOTAIN system has three components:
(1) content management/editing => dalet plus, a major software for broadcasters, is being adapted to the needs of the project, e.g. with rich media editing features and gateways to publish to mobile phones;
(2) game management => Java based system software (J2EE, OC4J), developed by exozet to provide basic functions (user profiling, scoring, &c.) as well as more sophisticated features (internal messaging, &c.);
(3) Front ends (Web) => the user partners create exemplary applications to demonstrate the diverse and numerous opportunities that AUDIOTAIN brings.
Front end design will make use of HTML/Java and Macromedia Flash/Shockwave to realise innovative methods of interacting with media and with other users (multi user tasks).

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